2nd SMART4SEA Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 finalists of the SMART4SEA Awards! SAFETY4SEA is thrilled to announce the 8 winners across 8 smart categories who walked with a SMART4SEA Award at the prestigious ceremony which took place on Tuesday 30rd at the Yacht Club of Greece. Winners demonstrated outstanding performance within the scope of fostering Smart Excellence & Sustainable Shipping following a combination of open nomination and audience-vote.

2018 SMART4SEA Awards

2018 SMART4SEA E-Navigation Award, sponsored by Palau International Ship Registry

For facilitating the transition to digital navigation for commercial shipping by providing a wide range of solutions including ‘PassageManager’ software, MARPOL compliance service ‘EnviroManager’, ‘Regs4ships’ digital solution and the safety & quality management system ‘Docmap’.

Mr. Howard Stevens, Chief Commercial Officer, ChartCo:

Digital navigation is at the core of the ChartCo business, but we are also now looking at a much wider compliance perspective. Navigation, safety management, the ‘rightly’ increasing need to be environmentally aware and the need to make integrated decision grade information available to mariners, both on the vessel and shore side, in as simple and efficient a manner as possible, is driving our future. We are dedicated to assisting the industry in making the transition towards an ever more complex digital navigation and compliance driven future a successful one, and our ability to make this a reality is in no small part down to the thought-provoking and hard-working team we have in the ChartCo business.

Mr. Antonis Souras, Registration Department, Palau International Ship Registry:

The maritime industry knows that smart ships and smart technology is the way forward and yet there seems to be reluctance on the part of some owners to fully embrace the technology. Mr. Howard Stevens, it is my pleasure to present you the E-Navigation Award which your company has deserved as facilitator to the transition to digital navigation for commercial shipping. You have been serving the shipping industry for many years and played a key role in many of the innovations that have assisted ships’ captains to navigate safely and we wish you many more milestones and success, to contribute for the captains’ safe and calm voyages for many years to come.

2018 SMART4SEA Connectivity Award, sponsored by Propulsion Analytics

Tototheo Maritime
For offering innovative, efficient and functional solutions in the fields of satellite and radio communication, automation and navigation systems through a world-wide network of qualified partners and branches along the international shipping routes.

Mr. Constantinos Spyrou, Chief Commercial Officer, Tototheo Maritime:

This evolution is happening quickly and we must embrace it along with the changes and the potential that it brings with it. Tototheo is a dynamic company and as such is not only keeping up with these developments but is also initiating them. We do so with our core values in mind, this global evolution of connectivity does not mean we should forget how this all started. Our values are shaped from being a family founded company, and having the openness and sincerity that form the basis for success in today’s world. We at Tototheo have worked hard to encourage our industry to understand the benefits of change, of transformation and we will continue in our role as a facilitator, a partner, an initiator.

Mr. Panos Theodossopoulos, CEO, Propulsion Analytics:

Capacity and coverage of ship to shore communication has been gradually evolving. Nowadays, we are experiencing a step change in this field, with a tremendous amount of digital signals that can be produced from various components and machinery within the ship. I think it should be no surprise to anyone that Tototheo is the winner of the SMART4SEA connectivity award for 2018.

2018 SMART4SEA Energy Efficiency Award, sponsored by OCEANKING Technical & Trading SA

Kongsberg Maritime
For its Vessel Performance System (VPS) which addresses engine optimization, speed profile, optimal trim, speed and rpm/pitch to reduce operating costs. The system is installed and proven successful on a variety of ship types.

Mr. Leif Kristian Weum, Managing Director, Kongsberg Maritime Hellas:

Thank you to the SMART4SEA organization and thank you everybody for acknowledging our work in the area of energy efficiency at sea. Digitalization is transforming the Maritime Industry. Digitalization continues to intensify and within Kongsberg Maritime a major part of our research and developing funds are spent within this sector. Perhaps the most visible energy efficiency project we have right now is with Norwegian Crop Nutrition Company, YARA International. YARA has teamed up with Kongsberg Maritime to build the world’s first autonomous and zero-emission vessel. Called YARA Birkeland, this state-of-the-art new ship shall be 100 % electric and will perform fully autonomous operations from 2020. Even the port infrastructure will be 100% electric and because she will operate in southern Norway, the batteries will be charged using clean hydro energy!At Kongsberg Maritime we are excited to be part of this, and to have our work reflected by winning this SMART4SEA Energy Efficiency Award.

Mr. Panos Yannoulis, President, OCEANKING Technical & Trading SA:

Being always at the forefront of technology, Kongsberg Maritime has developed innovative technologies, like the Vessel Performance System (VPS), for which the company is awarded the SMART4SEA Energy Efficiency Award. It is worth mentioning that, Kongsberg Maritime is one of the promoters of upcoming disruptive technologies such as digitalization, which will lead to the so called autonomous ship operation in the not so far future.

2018 SMART4SEA Cyber Security Award, sponsored by Hudson Analytix

Steamship Mutual
For its ‘Cyber Security: Smart, Safe Shipping’ DVD-ROM which promotes an awareness of cyber risks at sea featuring advice on strategies that ought to be adopted as well as reference and links to useful sources.

Mr. Chris Adams, Director, Head of European Syndicate and Loss Prevention, Steamship Mutual:

Callisto have produced all of our loss prevention DVDs and the quality and innovative nature of these is reflected in the fact that all of these programmes have either achieved or been shortlisted for industry awards. I am also most grateful to our presenter Edward Stourton for his skill and commitment once more in conveying the message in an effective and authoritative manner. Cyber Security is a topic that is of ever-growing importance. Our objective in producing this DVD is to help raise awareness amongst seafarers and shipping companies of the cyber security threat, and to influence behaviour to reduce and control that risk. As with all of our loss prevention programmes “Cyber Security – Smart Safe Shipping” was produced with financial support from The Ship Safety Trust.

2018 SMART4SEA Training Award, sponsored by Navarino

Be Cyber Aware At Sea
For uniting industry stakeholders to raise awareness towards cyber security. The campaign provides free resources such as downloadable posters, ‘Phish & Ships’ newsletter, a video blog each month with guest interviewees, ‘Shark Bytes’ and useful daily updates via all social media channels.

Mr. Jordan Wylie, Communications Officer, Be Cyber Aware at Sea:

Awareness, Education and Training are without a doubt the first steps which all organizations in the global shipping industry must embrace in 2018, both on land and at sea, if they are to be prepared for the future challenges that the digital era of shipping will continue to bring. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the campaign, including shipowners, managers, operators, marine insurers, ship to shore communications providers and most importantly the seafarers who work tirelessly everyday – these are the people that literally make the world go round and it is our duty to ensure they are safe and secure from all risks, some of which continue to emerge and are perhaps less obvious than the usual physical threats we are used to facing.

Mr. Christian Vakarelis, VP, Media Communications, Navarino:

Navarino is delighted to be working alongside JWC International and the Be Cyber Aware At Sea team. We have seen a great deal of interest among our customers in this cyber training for crews and we are very pleased that the hard work of the JWC team and their excellent initiative has been recognized with this award. It will help to bring further awareness of the critical importance of cyber security to the maritime industry and as shipping becomes ever more reliant on IT, that can only be a good thing.

2018 SMART4SEA Technology Award, sponsored by ABS

Rolls Royce Marine
For its project ‘Sisu’ which uses the latest technologies made possible by digitalization to demonstrate the world’s first remotely-operated commercial vessel. Conducted in Copenhagen Harbour in February, the project marks a major milestone on the journey towards remote and autonomous ships.

Mr. Constantine Dracoulis, Sales Manager, Rolls Royce Marine:

Our Ship Intelligence team is pioneering the development of remote controlled and autonomous ships, which will revolutionize ship design and operations making them safer, more efficient and offering opportunities for business growth. We have made a significant investment in research and development to make remote and autonomous shipping a reality and indeed last week we announced the opening of our Research & Development centre for autonomous ships in Finland. Project Sisu is a collaboration between Rolls-Royce and Svitzer (part of Maersk Group), using the latest technologies made possible by digitalization to demonstrate the world’s first remotely operated commercial vessel. From the quayside in Copenhagen Harbour the vessel’s captain, stationed at our Remote Operations Centre in Copenhagen, berthed the vessel alongside the quay, undocked, turned 360°, and piloted it to the Svitzer HQ, docking again. He then reversed the journey.

Mr. Vassilios Kroustallis, Senior Vice President, Regional, ABS:

We are all on a journey to autonomous transportation at sea. For the shipping industry at sea and ashore that journey will be a gradual process of evolution. And it should be to ensure that shipping in the future will have even better safety and environmental performance than that which is expected of traditional shipping operations today. The winners of tonight’s award have capitalized on the latest technologies made possible by digitalization to deliver what is undoubtedly a major milestone on this exciting technological journey.

2018 SMART4SEA Personality Award, sponsored by MacGregor

Mr. Giampiero Soncini
For his outstanding passion and motivation towards a digital future for shipping. Throughout his career, especially as CEO of Spectec he has been responsible for numerous projects related to technology innovation with the aim to enhance ship and shore connection.

Mr. Giampiero Soncini, Senior Advisor, Marine Innovation, RINA:

I am 64, I started my career at age 17 when i joined the Italian Navy, as soon as I finished high school. 47 years is a long time and I have not stopped yet. A lot of people told me that I was destined to be in shipping. I installed the first GPS in a ship in 1986, which was very big, but technology has changed in the last years, and it has made me very happy because I always loved technology and ships. I think that shipping is not a job, it is a disease and all of us have it, because otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Mrs. Athena Kanellatou, Managing Director, Macgregor Hellas:

A Good personality is not rare, but still you need to find it out in ONE person.A man of personality can formulate ideals, but only a man of character can achieve them! In Maritime Industry, we acknowledge Mr. Gianpiero Soncini as a Veteran, a seasoned professional, an innovator, a man who has not lost his child like heart and his curiosity, a talented and motivated technology expert who creates opportunities to act on ideas and digital dreams!

2018 SMART4SEA Leadership Award, sponsored by MarineTraffic

Mr. Frank Coles
For his innovative ideas for embracing the digital future and the shift to smart shipping era. Acting as a CEO of Transas, he has managed significant achievements in creating an ecosystem of harmonized integrated solutions in safety, navigation, training and ship operation.

Mr. Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer, Transas:

It’s been 40 years since in 1978 I first stepped on board my first ship. So many changes since then and yet so little changes. I think so much is available to change, but so much has not changed? Our attitudes and our culture, our belief that we are different and cannot be impacted. My view is that the next 10 years will see more changes than the last 40 years.Essentially leadership in innovation and changes is a continuous campaign against the archaic cultural attitudes fighting modernization and the benefits of efficiency brought about by technology.

Mr. Georgios Hatzimanolis, Media & Communication Manager, MarineTraffic:

I read somewhere that great leaders find the balance between business foresight, performance, and character. They have vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze cooperation amongst their team.These are all characteristics that Frank Coles has, which is why it is no surprise he is being recognized tonight. Mr Coles is awarded for his innovative ideas for embracing the digital future and the shift to smart shipping era.

About SMART4SEA Awards
SMART4SEA Awards are part of the SMART4SEA Conference within the scope of fostering Excellence & Sustainable Shipping. The process to be employed is a combination of open nomination and vote. The award categories are:

SMART4SEA E-Navigation Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of e-navigation in shipping.

SMART4SEA Connectivity Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution with respect to ship connectivity.

SMART4SEA Energy Efficiency Award
o be awarded to any organization that provided a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of energy efficiency in shipping.

SMART4SEA Cyber Security Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of Cyber Security in shipping.

SMART4SEA Training Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of Training with respect to smart shipping.

SMART4SEA Technology Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a milestone technological achievement or breakthrough or significant contribution in any aspect of smart maritime activity.

SMART4SEA Personality Award
To be awarded to any individual person that provided industry influence and contributed towards smarter shipping.

SMART4SEA Leadership Award
To be awarded to any individual person that has provided industry leadership and contributed towards smarter shipping throughout his/her career.

Notification procedure is initiated few months ahead of the event with an open invitation to the industry stakeholders to propose nominations online via relevant form at dedicated awards page. Shortlisted nominees are announced within a week after nomination submission is concluded and open vote to declare the winner of each category is available for a period of three months through relevant application at dedicated awards page. Winners are announced during the welcome reception & award ceremony, the evening ahead of the SMART4SEA Conference, in Athens.