2nd SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum

The second SAFETY4SEA Forum in Hamburg successfully concluded on Tuesday 8th of October, 2019 at Lindner Hotel Am Michel, Hamburg

The pro bono event brought together global experts who focused on the upcoming challenges as we are approaching 2020. In addition, further green challenges that shipping is going to face up to 2050 were discussed as well as important steps for the path towards decarbonisation. Safety issues were once again at the centre of attention amid the smart shipping era and the digitalization of shipping which on the one hand facilitates operators but on the other hand raises key concerns with respect to cyber security.

Speaker  presentations of the forum in PDF are available online for SAFETY4SEA Plus subscribers
Event Timetable
Welcome Coffee & Registration [ 08:00 – 09:00 ]

Panel # 1 – IMO 2020 [09:00 – 10:30]

Apostolos Belokas, Founder & Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA

Presentation video l Brief Article

Christopher Fee, General Manager – Environment and Sustainability, Oldendorff – IMO 2020 Options and Alternatives

Presentation video l Brief Article

Poul Woodall, Director, Environment & Sustainability, DFDS A/S – 2020 and consequences for Maritime GHG emissions

Presentation video l Brief Article

Ralf Jürgens, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Primarine – Scrubbers: More than alternative Bridge Technology

Presentation video l Brief Article

20 min Panel Discussion & Questions Open to the floor

Coffee Break & Newtworking [ 10:30 – 11:00 ]

Panel # 2 –Green Challenges  [11:00 – 12:15]

Bastian Schnöll, Project Engineer, Aquametro Oil & Marine – Environmental safety for ship operation

Presentation video l Brief Article

Matthias Voigt, Chair of Technical Committee, BEMA – Introduction to the Ballastwater Equipment Manufacturers’ Association

Presentation video l Brief Article

Gunther Zeitzmann, Ship Recycling Engineer, IHMA – IHMs for ships: An urgent but forgotten matter?

Presentation video l Brief Article

Dimitrios I. Mountzouris, Managing Director, Hellespont Steamship Corporation

Presentation video l Brief Article

20 min Panel Discussion & Questions Open to the floor

Panel # 3 – PSC Inspection Analytics [ 12:15 – 12:45]

Presentation & Open Discussion

Lunch Break [ 12:45 – 14:00 ]

Panel # 4 – Safety Challenges [14:00 – 15:15]

Capt. Mark Bull, Director, Trafalgar Navigation – The changing face of e-navigation

Presentation video l Brief Article

Alexander N. Christensen, Director, Business Development, T&T Salvage – Salvage scenario: Simulated grounding at Port Hedland

Presentation video l Brief Article

Dimitris Maniatis, Chief Commercial Officer, Diaplous – Analyzing modern day piracy and providing answers to the why and how

Presentation video l Brief Article

20 min Panel Discussion & Questions Open to the floor

Panel # 5 – Smart Shipping  [ 15:15 – 16:30 ]

Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Sr Project Manager e-Nav / M.Sc. Meteorology, Navtor AS – How e-Navigation has transformed passage planning

Presentation video l Brief Article

Mathias Karlsson, Researcher, RISE Victoria – Bringing PortCDM to implementation

Presentation video l Brief Article

Chronis Kapalidis, Cyber Expert, HudsonAnalytix – Unravelling the myth behind cyber security

Presentation video l Brief Article

20 min Panel Discussion & Questions Open to the floor

Conference Closing   [16:30]
Speaker presentations of the forum in PDF are available online for SAFETY4SEA Plus subscribers

Apostolos Belokas, Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA

Apostolos is a Maritime Safety, Quality & Environmental Expert, Consultant, Trainer and Project Manager with more than 25 years background in shipping as Technical, Marine, Safety & Training Superintendent and Consultant. He entered the industry back in early 90’s as Engineering Superintendent with a leading ship manager operating a mixed fleet of bulk and oil/chemical tankers. He then shifted to regulatory compliance and QHSE as superintendent and later as a Consultant and Trainer. Apo has successfully completed a wide range of QHSE projects including 250+ management system projects (ISM/ISO 9001-14001-18001/TMSA/MLC), 500 vessel and office audits to various standards and he has trained more than 8,000 people in a wide variety of QHSE subjects. He has also presented and chaired to more than 40 conferences. He holds Mechanical Engineering Bachelor and Master’s specialising in Energy & Environment and Master’s Degree in Maritime Business and Business Administration (MBA), all of them awarded with distinction. Apostolos is the Managing Director of SQE MARINE, SQE ACADEMY and Managing Editor of SAFETY4SEA.


Capt. Mark BullDirector, Trafalgar Navigation

Mark Bull commenced his career 49 years ago and is currently a Marine Consultant specialising in Navigation Assessments and Navigation Assessor training. He is a Fellow of The Nautical Institute, member of council and member of their technical committee. He spent 27 years at sea, including 5 in command; 12 years in shipmanagement in senior positions; 3 years in P&I Loss Prevention and 7 years as a consultant



Alexander N. Christensen, Director, Business Development, T&T Salvage


Christopher Fee, General Manager – Environment and Sustainability, Oldendorff




Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Sr Project Manager e-Nav / M.Sc. Meteorology, Navtor AS

Bjørn Åge Hjøllo has a Master in Meteorology, and started his carrier in Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s R&D division in 1992, worked later as a Marine Forecaster and for the three years heading the Marine Forecasting Centre in Norway. In 2004, he joined C-MAP Norway as General Manager for C-MAP Marine Forecasting Centre. He became Product Manager in C-MAP, later Jeppesen Marine.  In 2011 he joined a group of managers leaving Jeppesen Marine, establishing NAVTOR AS to focus on e-Navigation. He is today Project Manager and a minority owner in NAVTOR. In this position, he heads NAVTOR’s internal, national and international R&D projects focusing on e-Navigation solutions.


Ralf Jürgens, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Primarine


Chronis Kapalidis, Cyber Expert, Hudson Analytix

Chronis Kapalidis is the European Representative of Hudson Analytix, promoting the company’s synergies in Europe on issues related to security, both physical and cyber. He recently concluded a fellowship at the International Security Department, Chatham House, on maritime cybersecurity, where he now stands as Academy Associate. He also stands as visiting research fellow at the Dartmouth Centre for Seapower and Strategy at Plymouth University, and as a board member in several academic and scientific bodies.

Chronis was an officer at the Hellenic Navy for 20 years. He was specialised on operations, communications, intelligence and IT infrastructure, while participating in several NATO, EU and UN operations. His research interests include cybersecurity, defence studies, international and maritime security.

He has published widely for Foreign Affairs, Chatham House, International Affairs, the Academy for Strategic Analyses, has been interviewed by The New York Times, the Independent and The Wall Street Journal and has participated in several maritime and cybersecurity related conferences and forums. Chronis has competed several projects at Chatham House on Cybersecurity for Critical National Infrastructure, in general, and the maritime sector specifically. He recently created the first digital learning course on maritime cybersecurity for Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.

He is currently based at the University of Warwick, where he is pursuing his doctoral degree on cyber risk quantification for the maritime sector. He holds an MA in International Relations and Global Security from Plymouth University, a PGCert in Defence Management and Leadership from the Hellenic Naval War College and BSc in Naval Warfare from the Hellenic Naval Academy, along with several professional certificates.


Mathias Karlsson, ResearcherRISE Victoria

Mathias Karlsson started his career 16 years ago by studying Shipping and Logistics at Chalmers University of Technology. Mathias has been involved from the beginning with the development and validation of PortCDM. Prior to joining RISE eight years ago, he worked for several years within the maritime sector, both as a ship agent at August Leffler & Son and Maersk Broker and in other port operations at ODEC in the Energy Harbour in port of Gothenburg.



Dimitris Maniatis, Chief Commercial Officer, Diaplous Maritime Services

Dimitris has a comprehensive background on security in hostile regions which started right after his days with the Hellenic Navy. Starting in 2000 and under contract with the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he spent 7 years in Afghanistan and Pakistan, fulfilling various roles in support of European Intelligence Agencies, ISAF, UN Organizations and more. During the first years of his involvement in Central Asia operations, he managed the security and logistics of all Hellenic NGO’s operating region wide and lead missing persons recovery missions in the Hindukush. Dimitris also participated under contract, on missions in Cambodia, Egypt, The Balkan Region, The Middle East and Africa. In 2009 the menace of Somali Based Piracy was at its height and Dimitris was given the opportunity to emerge in this new industry called Maritime Security. After completing specialized training, he joined the ranks of the Armed Security Teams safe guarding vessels in the Indian Ocean HRA and became Team Leader shortly after. While performing these duties he continued his university education by completing an MBA on shipping which in 2013 allowed him to immerse in the business side of the maritime security industry. In his role as Chief Commercial Officer of Diaplous Maritime Services his focus is mainly on the design, development and implementation of the company’s commercial strategy, meeting the goals and growth set. The above goes hand in hand with new business development, compliance, quality and making sure everyone has a positive experience getting the job done in a safe, ethical and honorable manor.


Dimitrios I. Mountzouris, Managing Director, Hellespont Steamship Corporation

In his role as a Managing Director at Hellespont, Mr. Mountzouris is in charge and responsible for office operation, administration and monitoring fleet’s technical performance, maintenance monitoring, opex budgeting,company technical policy Rules and Regulations development. KPI’s and SMS review and improvement. He reviews company’s TMSA submissions, confirm implementation through the company’s departments, attend Oil Major – other conferences (Shell Rotterdam, ITTF) and performs on board Leadership visits to assess SSMS implementation. He also involves in Group’s development projects such as Technical Spec and Contract negotiation for 115kDWT Aframax and 50kDWT MR1 Tanker, 15kDWT self-unloading Salt Carrier design, Technical Spec and Contracts, attendance at London High Court as Expert Witness in Ship Management for ReedSmith Law firm in an Arbitration case and participates in Group’s Directors and marketing meetings.


Bastian Schnöll, Project Engineer, Aquametro Oil & Marine

Since 2019

Project Engineer / Production and development Fuel Management; Fuel Treatment; Fuel Monitoring / Aquametro Oil & Marine / Germany, Switzerland

2008 – 2019

Project Engineer / Production, commissioning and monitoring of systems for Diagnosing Marine Diesel Engine / Maritime Diagnosis and Service GmbH in Rostock / Germany

2004 – 2008

Project management of various development projects at industrial research institutes in Rostock / Germany

1997 – 2004

Degree as Dipl. Ing. / Systems and Supply Technology / Department of Maritime Studies at University of Applied Sciences Wismar / Germany


Dr. Matthias Voigt, Chair of BEMA’s Technical Committee

Matthias is a member of the Board of BEMA, and the chair of BEMA’s Technical Committee. Matthias represents Cathelco-Evac, where he is holding the position of the R&D Director at the Kiel based Cathelco GmbH, R&D Centre.

Matthias has been involved in the Ballast Water issue since 1998. His focus was on technical and biological aspects of ballast water treatment systems, as well as on the practicability of ballast water management onboard of ships. Matthias has developed a bioassay for the evaluation of the biological efficacy of ballast water treatment options at bench scale, the Artemia Testing System (ATS). Matthias has been an advisor to different delegations at the IMO; the CEFIC delegation (6 years), and the German delegation (4 Years).

Since 2002, Matthias has been the senior scientist and project leader in the development of different ballast water treatment systems. Since that time, he has guided three different BWMS through the type approval processes of the IMO and of the USCG; one chemical system, and two UV based systems.

Matthias has graduated (Dipl.-Biol.) in fisheries biology and oceanography at the Institute for Marine Research in Kiel and he holds a PhD in Marine Parasitology from the University of Queensland, Australia.



Poul Woodall, Director, Environment & Sustainability, DFDS A/S

Poul Woodall has over 40 years of experience within the maritime and transport industry. His career includes 17 years overseas experience with postings in Asia, The Middle East and Europe. Since 2013, Poul has been responsible for environment and climate policy issues for the DFDS Group. Poul Woodall has a degree from Copenhagen Business School supplemented with management education at Insead and Stanford Universities. Poul is also involved with various industry groups such as the Trident Alliance, Interferry, CSA2020, SeaFocus, TINV and various ESSF working groups in Brussels. In July 2018 Poul joined the CEF Transport Advisory Group of INEA and is a co-author of “Sustainable Shipping, a Cross-Disciplinary View” (Springer , 2019).


Gunther Zeitzmann, Ship Recycling Engineer, IHMA

As an engineer for Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Gunther started his career in ship recycling business in 2008 by investigating efforts for shipowners implementing the IMO Hong Kong Convention (HKC). In that, he initiated a project consisting of a shipping company, classification society and a HazMat consultancy to equip a first ship with a certified Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). While working for Germanischer Lloyd, he was involved in IHM related surveys, approving IHM’s, training of surveyors and witnessing of HazMat Experts. For two years later on, he was in charge for compliance of Integrated Management Systems and HSEQ matters within the class’ Oil and Gas sector in Germany. Since April 2015 he works as Ship Recycling Engineer for GSR Services GmbH in all the company specific fields.

Confirmed sponsors so far:

Aquametro Oil and Marine

Since 1928, we have been among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of volumetric meters for diesel fuel, measurement and optimization solutions for all kinds of oil and diesel-powered vehicles and ships, generator sets, diesel electric locomotives and marine shipping. Our range consists of more than 100 different fuel meters and marine systems which have been developed specially for ships, transport vehicles and other heavy machinery in the shipping industry. We are also considered experts in viscosity measurement/control, performance measurement, monitoring and management systems for fuel performance and fuel switching units (HFO to MDO and vice versa).

The portfolio of Aquametro Oil & Marine consists of four types of application fields: Measurement, Management & Treatment, Performance Monitoring and Special Fluids/Dosing. We provide Fuel Oil Meters, Viscosity System, Shaft Power Meter, DOMINO, DIESEL SWITCH, Homogenizer, Water in Fuel Emulsion.



Diaplous Group

DIAPLOUS is a leading maritime security provider, delivering first class services to an ever-expanding portfolio of shipping companies from all over the globe, including some of the largest oil majors.

Established in Cyprus, in October 2010, and having a branch in Athens, Greece, DIAPLOUS has grown exponentially over the last years, broadening and multiplying its client base, as well as amassing a wealth of invaluable operational experience.

The Company’s mission is to provide the shipping industry with a wide range of efficient solutions. In particular, we provide unarmed and armed services within the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean, and we are also prepared to offer similar services in West Africa and other piracy areas, whenever the existing situation allows.

Everything we do, is guided by our core values: Safety, Quality and Trust.

The company continually improves the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of its IMS (Integrated Management System), while evaluating its objectives and continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness through the Management Review procedure, so it can achieve its goals, taking into account a number of parameters which include the Company’s performance, incidents reports, training needs and customers’ evaluation.




Hudson Marine works closely with its clients to help them move forward with confidence in today’s technically complex and environmentally sensitive world. Hudson Marine’s comprehensive services encompass all areas of risk management, emergency and regulatory preparedness, incident prevention and response. Our perspective is informed by the technical, operational, commercial, regulatory and environmental factors governing our industry. Our strength is based on our experience and our history. But our success is based on our commitments, our relationships and our ability to help our clients operate more successfully in today’s increasingly challenging industry.




NAVTOR is a leading force in the provision of innovative e-Navigation solutions, and a total supplier of navigational products and services for the maritime sector. Through the application of cutting edge digital technology, NAVTOR’s team makes life easier for navigators, while enhancing safety, transparency and efficiency for shipowners, ship managers and operators. The firm is headquartered in Egersund Norway, with subsidiaries located across the globe.




Clean air is a global matter that can only be resolved globally. Therefore, the German ERC and the Chinese SPC have combined their expertise in the construction of exhaust gas cleaning systems in the joint venture PRIMARINE and developed the world’s most advanced DESOx scrubber. Good to know: PRIMARINE is a full member of the EGCSA.




RISK4SEA is an online intelligence platform providing PSC inspection analytics & benchmarking. Using big data analytics an ISM manager may benchmark his ships, fleet & company against industry standards and get a clear insight of his performance gaps and a roadmap to continually improve.

RISK4SEA provides several useful reports for specific time periods in order to help ISM Managers to:

– Identify possible weaknesses
– Find the current PSC status of a Country or Port that their managed vessels is going to trade
– Prepare to address local PSC requirements
– Benchmark their performance with other similar fleets and operators

Users may review the KPIs and inspection analytics for the last Quarter, last 4Qs or 12Qs (i.e. 3 years) or for a specific calendar year.



SQE Marine is a leading provider of Safety, Quality and Environmental Solutions providing Consulting, Training and Information products in these areas. We have been successfully providing a product and service range to more than 1,200 clients (based in 75+ countries) over the last 20 years, operating a DNVGL Certified Training Center and a LR ISO 9001 certified management system.

Strong enough to provide immediate response and feedback to all client queries and needs, we provide a range of competitively priced services and timeliness for product / service delivery; we provide foolproof products and services to ensure full after sales support for as long as necessary. Last but not least, technical competence is the core of our management system & operations.

Our vision is to be a leading world class corporation that provides reliable maritime solutions in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental, Crisis, Security, and Risk Management. Our mission, therefore, is to provide real life, effective and efficient maritime solutions range including Consulting, Training and Information provision in order to maximize client benefit and minimize risk.




T&T SALVAGE, a member company of the Teichman Group, is committed to serving the emergency response needs of its clients under the highest standards of safety and quality. The Teichman Group since 1957 has grown to become a leading service provider to the international maritime and offshore petroleum industries.

T&T SALVAGE, www.ttsalvage.com, Global response services are supported by salvage stations in Singapore, Rotterdam, Hamburg and South America. The Group owns and maintain a comprehensive inventory of salvage, firefighting systems, ship-to-ship (STS) lightering systems, anti-pollution systems, three-dimensional sonar, ROVs, and advanced diving systems all packaged so it can be rapidly transported by air, land or sea. The portable assets are complemented by floating heavy lift and salvage support vessels ready to meet both routine and emergency response challenges. In addition, the Group includes an in-house design and fabrication department available on a 24 hour basis to support any urgent in-situ needs a field salvage team may have during an operation.

T&T SALVAGE is a Member of the American Salvage Association (ASA), the International Salvage Union (ISU), the North American Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA) and the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI).



  1. AESM / IFSMA Individual Member
  2. Ahrenkiel Tankers
  3. Aib Alster Insurancebrokers
  4. Anglo Eastern (Germany) Gmbh
  5. Aquametro Oil & Marine
  6. Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller’s Nachfolger (Gmbh & Co.) KG
  7. Augustea Tehnoservices Ltd
  8. AVB Ahrenkiel Vogemann Bolten Gmbh & Co. KG
  9. BASS Software Gmbh
  10. BEMA
  11. Bernhard Schulte Cruise Services Gmbh & Co. KG
  12. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  13. Big City Marine Consultancy
  14. Blue Squared AG
  15. Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft MBH & Co. KG
  16. Brise Bereederungs Gmbh
  17. Carnival Maritime
  18. Ceylinco General Insurance
  19. Chemical Marine
  20. CPO Containerschiffreederei (Gmbh & Co.) KG
  21. Crowley
  22. DFDS A/S
  23. Diaplous
  24. Digital Ship Management
  25. DNV GL
  26. DS Tankers Gmbh & Co. KG
  27. Elvictor
  28. European Mar Gmbh
  29. Federal Maritime And Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
  30. Fundamental Marine Developments Gmbh
  31. German Aerospace Center
  32. Grimpe Relationship Management Gmbh
  33. Hellespont Ship Management Gmbh & Co. KG
  34. Hellespont Steamship Corporation
  35. HudsonAnalytix
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  48. Ports of Bremen
  49. Primarine
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  52. RHL Reederei Hamburger Lloyd Gmbh & Co KG
  53. Rise Victoria
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  61. Sudan Shipping Line
  62. Synergy Maritime Pvt Ltd
  63. T&T Salvage
  64. Taylor Marine
  65. Trafalgar Navigation
  66. University of Nicosia
  67. Veolia Water Technologies – RWO
  68. Wallem Gmbh & Co. KG
  69. Walter Kenda
  70. Zeaborn Ship Management

SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum focuses on emerging challenges facing the shipping industry

The second SAFETY4SEA Forum in Hamburg successfully concluded on Tuesday 8th of October, 2019 at Lindner Hotel Am Michel, HamburgThe event, organized by SAFETY4SEA, was sponsored by Aquametro Oil and Marine, Diaplous Group, HudsonAnalytix, NAVTOR, PRIMARINE, RISK4SEA, SQEMARINE, T&T SALVAGEFurthermore, the event was supported by BEMA, EGCSA, Green Award, IHMA, IMaREST, INTERCARGO, IWSA, RISE and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

The pro bono event brought together global experts who focused on the upcoming challenges as we are approaching 2020. In addition, further green challenges that shipping is going to face up to 2050 were discussed as well as important steps for the path towards decarbonisation. Safety issues were once again at the centre of attention amid the smart shipping era and the digitalization of shipping which on the one hand facilitates operators but on the other hand raises key concerns with respect to cyber security.

Panel # 1 – IMO 2020

Apostolos BelokasFounder & Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA, took the floor to welcome all delegates attending the forum, thanking all sponsors and supporters and introducing the themes of discussion. In his opening speech, he referred briefly to industry’s key challenges, highlighting that a more sustainable future of shipping is in the spotlight and key actions are needed toward that end.

During his presentation, Christopher FeeGeneral Manager (Environment and Sustainability), Oldendorff, touched up on the scrubber debate in view of the upcoming sulphur regulation; considering not only the impact on human beings, but also on the environment. Mr. Fee suggested that open-loop scrubbers can indeed have a positive net environmental impact, taking into account both air emissions and water discharges.

Similarly, Poul WoodallDirector (Environment & Sustainability), DFDS A/S, talked about 2020 and its consequences for Maritime GHG emissions. Mr. Woodall also evaluated the devastating implications of sulphur to people and the environment, noting whatsoever that the global sulphur cap may be counterintuitive; the global SOx levels may be reduced to almost 8.8 million tons annually, but it will also cause an approximate CO2 increase with 60 million tons per year.

 Ralf JürgensChief Technical Officer (CTO), Primarine, further noted that scrubbers are the most environmentally beneficial means of meeting industry’s ambitious targets, referring to the advantages that innovative scrubbers designs offer as we are heading towards 2020 where operators are called to choose the most cost- and GHG-effective way of meeting both IMO Tier 3 NOx rules and the sulphur cap.

Panel # 2 – Green Challenges

Bastian Schnöll, Project Engineer, Aquametro Oil & Marine, presented the challenges surrounding fuel management and respective technical solutions, analyzing fuel treatment and SOx-emission control as a new process for safe, efficient and environmental friendly ship operations.

In his presentation, Matthias Voigt, Chair of Technical Committee, BEMA, touched upon the key challenges surrounding BWM Convention, since now is in full force after 15 years of discussions. Namely, between 8 Sep 2019 and Sep 2024, the BWM Convention will reach the second phase of its implementation where all ships will have to conform to the D-2 standard.

Gunther Zeitzmann, Ship Recycling Engineer, IHMA, highlighted the importance of certification and maintenance of IHM for compliance with the requirements of Hong Kong Convention and EU-Ship Recycling Regulation. He further referred to key steps for effective development of IHM and certification; the operations and maintenance of the IHM and the importance of control with flags, classes and PSC.

Dimitrios I. Mountzouris, Managing Director, Hellespont Steamship Corporation, examined the current and future green shipping challenges from the operator perspective, addressing key concerns for compliance with the strict environmental regulations, as we are moving toward to a more sustainable future.

Panel # 3 – PSC Inspection Analytics

Apostolos BelokasFounder & Managing Editor SAFETY4SEA, moderated a panel discussion on an analysis of PSC inspections, establishing lessons to be learned from such detention analytics and further offering ways in which insights may be used for better decision making. Mr. Belokas showcased the analysis in relation to global KPIs, age, ship type, port, country, inspection month and day, detainable issues, deficiencies per detention, detentions per ship and operator base country.

Panel # 4 – Safety Challenges 

During his presentation, Capt. Mark BullDirector, Trafalgar Navigation, gave an insight concerning e-navigation, pointing out that we are on the threshold of a major change in our industry; it has already started and it is now picking up speed. He noted that navigation is constantly changing and while the new ‘buzz’ word around us now is autonomous, many things need to be addressed.

Alexander N. ChristensenDirector (Business Development), T&T Salvage, talked about the key challenges surrounding salvage operations referring to recent key studies. During his presentation, he further stressed that salvage is a very unique operation that needs many lessons learned and addressed how to demonstrate effective ways in handling of emergencies.

Dimitris ManiatisChief Commercial Officer, Diaplous, provided insight in analyzing modern day piracy and and referred to recent pirate incidents, their motives, status and probable solutions. Moreover, he proposed effective solutions to such a problem, such as proper risk evaluation, realistic risk mitigation measures and good understanding of the operating environment amongst others.

Panel # 5 – Smart Shipping  

Bjørn Åge HjølloSr. Project Manager, e-NavNavtor ASgave a presentation on how e-navigation has transformed passage planning and stressed the importance of increased quality and safety, aiming to reduce human error to a minimum, especially when compared to traditional passage planning. He further noted that new tools now offer support for cyber secure data handing.

Mathias KarlssonResearcher, RISE Victoria, focused on PortCDM implementation and its benefits. Ships and ports need to be connected, so that connectivity is enabled in order to hinterland for sustainable transport systems, he stressed, suggesting that sharing informed data by the PortCDM Maturity Model can assist to upgrade ports in cooperation.

In his presentation, Chronis Kapalidis, Cyber Expert, HudsonAnalytix, referred to myths behind cyber security. He stressed that there should be communication with stakeholders about cyber risk and cyber resilience instead of cyber security, because in the shipping sector, senior managers do not want to talk about security, since in their mind, security requirements may affect business productivity.

All sessions ended with a round table discussion in which the audience exchanged ideas with the experts. Finally, Apostolos Belokas as the Forum Chairman thanked the delegates for their participation, the sponsors and supporters for their support and the speakers for their excellent presentations and also the organizing team of the event for their contribution towards forum objectives.

Video Presentations

All presentations will be made available on YouTube in high resolution within October at the SAFETY4SEA Channel

Speaker Articles

Edited articles with key points of several presentations will be available at safety4sea.com under ‘Opinions’ column within this month

Event Photos

Available at SAFETY4SEA Flickr

Paper Magazine Coverage

Event will be covered on the next SAFETY4SEA Log due to be issued in December 2019