5th SAFETY4SEA Virtual Awards

The winners of this year’s SAFETY4SEA Awards were announced at a special virtual ceremony which took place on Tuesday 20th of October, 2020. The awards focus exclusively on initiatives and individuals who foster Safety Excellence & Sustainable Shipping, following a combination of open nomination and audience-vote.

SAFETY4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award

For ensuring all operations, staff, suppliers and contractors are aligned with company’s long-term sustainability strategy which makes strong commitments and sets ambitious targets. To this end, a Sustainability Committee was formed in 2019

Mrs. Caroline Avgerinou, Syndicate Manager, UK P&I Club:

In these times we are presently living, where we are surrounded by Coronavirus which has created huge problems for all crews and ships at seas today, V. Group ships though their Sustainability Committee strive to obtain the levels of safety and commitment that the industry needs.

Mr. Mike Bradshaw, Global Head, HSEQ V.Group:

Our commitment to sustainability is hugely important to us. Earlier this year, we released our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) report which outlines the steps that we are taking as an organization in the months and years ahead. Our colleagues ashore and afloat work hard every day to ensure those ESG commitments. Ensuring all colleagues and stakeholders are aligned with our strategy is vital.

SAFETY4SEA Tanker Operator Award

Thome Group
For focusing on safety, health and quality; during the coronavirus pandemic, the company invested heavily in its IT services to support fleet and ensure office staff working remotely had access to network to continue providing quality and reliable services to its clients.

Mr. Nikos Michas, Regional Tanker Segment Director, South East Europe, Middle East & Africa, DNV GL:

Thome Group has been always a company with focus on safety, health and quality. During this difficult period due to coronavirus pandemic, they have invested in IT Services to continue supporting their fleet so as to ensure their staff will work remotely effectively, having access to their networks. Congratulations for focusing on business continuity without any disruptions amid those challenging times!

Mr. Olav Nortun, CEO, Thome Group:

The tanker sector is very important for our business. It is thanks to our specialist crew and onshore staff that we won this award. The concept of ship management is very simple; owners want best performance and economical vessel management. The company that can offer the ultimate blend maintaining high performance levels will be successful. At Thome, we aim at doing just that!

SAFETY4SEA Sustainability Award

For launching ABS Global Sustainability Center aiming to help maritime transition to a sustainable, lower emissions industry. The Centre plans include leading an industry education program, seminars and lectures, designed to raise awareness of maritime sustainability technologies.

Mr. Dimitris Alexopoulos, Managing Director, Orpheus Marine Transport Corp.:

The international shipping community is facing a critical challenge; to make maritime sustainable. Vessels need to become more efficient and less polluting. A concerted effort by all industry participants must take place primarily focusing on research. As such, ABS launched the global sustainability centre to help maritime transition to a sustainable path.

Mr. Georgios Plevrakis, Director of Global Sustainability, ABS:

We have opened sustainability centers of excellence in key shipping locations around the world to create a unique network that means that ABS is able to offer experienced support in may critical areas. Our research has identified a gap between the industry’s carbonization ambitions and reality. Shipping will not be able to meet the IMO 2050 emissions reduction targets unless we accelerate our efforts.

SAFETY4SEA Training Award

Kongsberg Digital
For the development of its K-Sim Fishery simulator to meet the needs of the fishing industry with a specially adapted training system that, complying at the same time with STCW’s training requirements, DNV GL’s certification standards and UN’s Sustainability Goal number 14.

Mr. Romanos Rodopoulos, Head of Maritime Academy and Member of Metropolitan College Board, Metropolitan College:

The use of next generation software and digital solutions in the educational process is definitely a valuable ally. Kongsberg Digital has been nominated for its K Sim simulator, designed to meet the needs of the fishing industry with a specialized training system. The system complies at the same time with STCW training requirements, DNVGL certification standards and UN SDG 14.

Mr. Tone-Merete Hansen, Senior Vice President, Kongsberg Digitalization:

Fishing remains a dangerous occupation. Technology alone doesn’t make industry safe. We have to build the competence of seafarers and fishermen and I truly believe that training with simulation makes a big difference in that respect. Having a competent crew with a good understanding of the equipment and operational limits means safer, more efficient and sustainable fisheries.

SAFETY4SEA Technology Award

North Club
For launching ‘the Digital Covid-19 Tracking Tool’, a continuously updated map of the pandemic’s spread. Equipped with detailed information from highly respected maritime and health organisations, with this tool, users know what to expect at any given port and plan their operations accordingly.

Mr. Erik Green, CEO, Partner, Green-Jakobsen A/S:

This online tool illustrates the impact of COVID-19 worldwide and draws from detailed information of highly respected maritime and health organizations. In times of crisis, we need people who step up and help. In this respect, this was what North did; they responded very quickly to provide live updates and developments with the disease.

Mr. Colin Gillespie, Director (Loss Prevention), North Club:

The COVID-19 tracker is only one of the many tools available to our members through myglobeview, a platform that provides real-time access to alerts and reports including industry news, port information, commercial trading updates, sanctions, travel advice and even weather. COVID-19 is still with us and the situation is becoming more and more complex. At North, we work very hard to make sure our members will continue trade with confidence.

SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award

The Standard Club
For launching a series of posters which focus on four topics considered to have the biggest impact on seafarer wellbeing, in the current times – healthy eating, fitness, mental wellbeing and socialisation.

Mr. Donatos Apostolou, Business Development Director, ShipMedCare:

Through their campaign, the Standard P&I Club reached directly seafarers to focus on the topics considered to have the biggest impact on seafarer wellbeing; healthy eating, fitness, mental wellbeing and socialization. We are happy and proud to present this award.

Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, The Standard Club:

People often forget how mental and physical wellbeing are linked. You can only be as happy as you are healthy, in body and mind! Seafarer wellbeing has come under the spotlight during these difficult times where seafarers are on the frontline of the response to COVID-19. t is of utmost importance that shipping owners/managers, welfare organisations and industry groups come together to ensure our seafarers stay safe, healthy and can reach home soon.

SAFETY4SEA Personality Award

Kishore Rajvanshy
For his inspirational professional journey which precisely reflects in company’s enviable growth. In an era of dynamic and challenging business environment, he and his team exhibited their strength and leadership, an important trait every entrepreneur must possess.

Mrs. Athena Kanellatou, Regional Director Mediterranean, Middle East & India, MacGregor:

The journey to peaks of excellence requires a strong base camp and Mr. Kishore Rajvanshy is a man of a strong base with an inspiring journey from Western India towards the ship management with control of six hundred vessels, high tensions, sincere efforts and always with a smile on the face.

Mr. Kishore Rajvanshy, Managing Director, Fleet Management:

I am immensely proud of my team in Fleet Management who deserves the credits for what we have achieved so far. For the last 25 years, we have pioneered many of the crewing, safety and technical standards that have become the benchmarks in the industry. As one of the world’s leading maritime operators, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to safer and sustainable shipping.

SAFETY4SEA Leadership Award

Capt. Kuba Szymanski
For his contribution to the industry being for the past eight years the Secretary General of InterManager where he has led significant projects on maritime piracy, fatigue, enclosed spaces, COVID-19 to address seafarers’ challenges.

Capt. Dimitris Kalantidis, Maritime Safety Manager, LATSCO Marine Management:

Capt Szymanski’s efforts for the promotion of sustainable shipping in relation with the role of modern seafarer reflects respect; his personality has attracted and continuously inspires the industry. Sincere congratulations for this well deserved award!

Capt. Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General, InterManager & Member of the Executive Board at the Nautical Institute:

This award is not for me but for everybody who works with InterManager, supports and assists. We have a lot of issues to deal with, criminalisation of seafarers being a priority; that requires a lot of leadership from many people around the globe. We have to work together and collaborate.

About SAFETY4SEA Awards
SAFETY4SEA Awards are part of the SAFETY4SEA Forum within the scope of fostering Excellence & Sustainable Shipping. The process to be employed is a combination of open nomination and vote. The award categories are:

SAFETY4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award
To be awarded to any ship operator of bulk carriers, or general dry cargo vessels that demonstrated safety excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity

SAFETY4SEA Tanker Operator Award
To be awarded to any ship operator of oil or chemical tankers, or gas carriers that demonstrated safety excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity

SAFETY4SEA Sustainability Award
To be awarded to any organization that contributed towards sustainable shipping

SAFETY4SEA Training Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant achievement or breakthrough or significant contribution in any aspect of maritime training

SAFETY4SEA Technology Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant technological achievement or breakthrough or significant contribution in any aspect of maritime safety activity

SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award
To be awarded to any organization or association that sparked, realised, or significantly contributed in any initiative fostering safer and sustainable shipping

SAFETY4SEA Personality Award
To be awarded to any individual that provided industry influence and contributed towards safer shipping

SAFETY4SEA Leadership Award
To be awarded to any individual that has provided industry leadership and contributed towards safer shipping throughout his/her career

Notification procedure is initiated few months ahead of the event with an open invitation to the industry stakeholders to propose nominations online via relevant form at dedicated awards page. Shortlisted nominees are announced within a week after nomination submission is concluded and open vote to declare the winner of each category is available for a period of three months through relevant application at dedicated awards page. Winners are announced during the welcome reception & award ceremony, the evening ahead of the SAFETY4SEA Forum.