Linking ESG performance to shipping industry

WED 17 MAR 2021



The recent trends in sustainability, thus the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, are now impacting the decisions of all maritime stakeholders, along with the emerging contractual and regulatory requirements. Shipping industry needs not only to communicate, but to engage with effective strategy towards sustainable shipping.

  • What are the key sustainability challenges surrounding shipping amid COVID-19? What needs to be addressed in the post COVID era?
  • What should be the top industry’s priorities in relation to ESG performance and Sustainable Shipping?
  • What are the best practices for monitoring ESG performance effectively within maritime industry?
  • Are there any best practices and lessons to be learned from other industries? Where could shipping score some early wins?
  • How should shipping stakeholders enhance effectiveness of their sustainability profile and practices?

Apostolos Belokas

Managing Editor

John N. Cotzias

Projects & Finance
Xclusiv Shipbrokers Inc.

Bjorn K. Haugland

Skift – Business Climate Leaders

Stavros Meidanis

Managing Director
Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp.

Nicole Rencoret

Head of Partnerships and Development
Sustainable Shipping Initiative
Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative


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