13th GREEN4SEA Athens Forum Event Guide

Editorial SAFETY4SEA is Fostering Sustainable Shipping for more than 12 years, hosting the leading safety4sea.com , producing monthly magazines & special publications (100k p.a. circulation onboard & ashore), along with e-mail, video & social media, and delivering SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER- 4SEA & Crew Welfare Week Forums & Awards. Now it is the time to plan for the forthcoming calendar year, therefore we have developed a media pack to fully cover all your needs, from digital and print and a guide for each of the sixteen (16) major forum & awards events we are planning to host for 2024. We trust you will find this information useful and we look forward hearing from you on any queries or requests for additional information you may have. Apostolos Belokas Founder & Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA [email protected] Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas 4. Forum Outline 5. Slot Allocation Plan 6. Forum Timeline & Action Plan 8. Sponsor Packs 9. Special Promo Opportunities 10. Key Contacts 11. KPIs 12. How to maximise exposure out of your participation 13. Terms & Conditions Contents Milestones SAFETY4SEA Site & Forum 10/2010 GREEN4SEA Forum 04/2012 CAREER4SEA Forum 12/2015 SMART4SEA Forum 02/2016 GREEN4SEA Awards 04/2016 SAFETY4SEA Awards 10/2016 SMART4SEA Awards 01/2017 SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum 04/2018 SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum 11/2018 SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum 11/2018 SAFETY4SEA London Forum 03/2019 SAFETY4SEA Manila Forum 11/2019 CAREER4SEA Awards 12/2019 Crew Welfare Awards 06/2022 Crew Welfare Week 06/2021 5th SAFETY4SEA Limassol 9th SMART4SEA Athens 3rd SAFETY4SEA Hamburg 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai 13th GREEN4SEA Athens 1st GREEN4SEA Singapore 3rd SAFETY4SEA Manila 4th SAFETY4SEA London 15th SAFETY4SEA Athens 4th SAFETY4SEA Singapore 31 JAN 13 FEB 22 FEB 6 MAR 2 APR 19 APR 23 APR 18 SEP 2 OCT 24 OCT 4th Crew Welfare Week 8th CAREER4SEA Forum 25-27 JUN 11 DEC 8th SMART4SEA Awards 9th GREEN4SEA Awards 3rd Crew Welfare Awards 9th SAFETY4SEA Awards 28 FEB 9 MAY 25 JUN 30 OCT CMA Shipping, Stamford Singapore Maritime Week Posidonia, Athens SMM, Hamburg 12-14 MAR 15-19 APR 3-7 JUN 3-6 SEP Forums - In Person Forums - Virtual Awards - Virtual Exhibitions Attendance Human Factors PSC Crew Welfare DryBMS Soft Skills Crisis Management 7 FEB 27 MAR 8 MAY 25 SEP 13 NOV 4 DEC Masterclasses - Athens 2024 : So far: 12 Forums | 4 sets of Awards | 7 Cities 87 Events | 57k Delegades | 1,600 Speakers e v e n t s . s a f e t y 4 s e a . c o m FUTURE EVENTS JOIN US IN ONE OF OUR FREE ATTENDANCE Learn more & Register at events.safety4sea.com 2 13 th GREEN4SEA Athens Forum I Event Guide