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Editorial SAFETY4SEA is Fostering Sustainable Shipping for more than 12 years, hosting the leading safety4sea.com, producing monthly magazines & special publications (100k p.a. circulation onboard & ashore), along with e-mail, video & social media, and delivering SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER4SEA & Crew Welfare Week Forums & Awards.. Now it is the time to plan for the forthcoming calendar year, therefore we have developed a media pack to fully cover all your needs, from digital and print and a guide for each of the sixteen (16) major forum & awards events we are planning to host for 2024. We trust you will find this information useful and we look forward hearing from you on any queries or requests for additional information you may have. Apo Belokas Founder & Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA [email protected] Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas 4. Forum Outline 5. Slot Allocation Plan 6. Forum Timeline & Action Plan 8. Sponsor Packs 9. Special Promo Opportunities 10. Key Contacts 11. KPIs 12. How to maximise exposure out of your participation 13. Terms & Conditions Contents Milestones SAFETY4SEA Site & Forum 10/2010 GREEN4SEA Forum 04/2012 CAREER4SEA Forum 12/2015 SMART4SEA Forum 02/2016 GREEN4SEA Awards 04/2016 SAFETY4SEA Awards 10/2016 SMART4SEA Awards 01/2017 SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum 04/2018 SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum 11/2018 SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum 11/2018 SAFETY4SEA London Forum 03/2019 SAFETY4SEA Manila Forum 11/2019 CAREER4SEA Awards 12/2019 Crew Welfare Awards 06/2022 Crew Welfare Week 06/2021 5th SAFETY4SEA Limassol 9th SMART4SEA Athens 3rd SAFETY4SEA Hamburg 13th GREEN4SEA Athens 1st GREEN4SEA Singapore 3rd SAFETY4SEA Manila 4th SAFETY4SEA London 15th SAFETY4SEA Athens 4th SAFETY4SEA Singapore 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai 31 JAN 13 FEB 22 FEB 2 APR 19 APR 23 APR 18 SEP 2 OCT 24 OCT 20 NOV 4th Crew Welfare Week 8th CAREER4SEA Forum 25-27 JUN 11 DEC 8th SMART4SEA Awards 9th GREEN4SEA Awards 3rd Crew Welfare Awards 9th SAFETY4SEA Awards 28 FEB 9 MAY 25 JUN 30 OCT CMA Shipping, Stamford Singapore Maritime Week Posidonia, Athens SMM, Hamburg 12-14 MAR 15-19 APR 3-7 JUN 3-6 SEP Forums - In Person Forums - Virtual Awards - Virtual Exhibitions Attendance Human Factors PSC Crew Welfare DryBMS Soft Skills Crisis Management 7 FEB 27 MAR 8 MAY 25 SEP 13 NOV 4 DEC Masterclasses - Athens 2024 : So far: 12 Forums | 4 sets of Awards | 7 Cities 87 Events | 57k Delegades | 1,600 Speakers events.safety4sea.com FUTURE EVENTS JOIN US IN ONE OF OUR FREE ATTENDANCE Learn more & Register at events.safety4sea.com 2 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide

Forum Outline Scope Foster Safer & Sustainable Shipping Duration This will be a FULL DAY event, 6 sessions with a MAX of 24 speaker slots of MAX 12 min each plus 25 min discussion at the end of each panel Date WEDNESDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2024 Website https://events.safety4sea.com/2024safety4sea-dubai-forum/ Concept This is a PRO BONO / NON PROFIT event. ALL Attendees will have FREE admission, ALL conference costs shall be covered in full by the sponsors Target Audience Ship Operators staff within SQE, Operations, Technical, Marine Depts Estimated attendance: 200 delegates / 100 Organisations Location Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Background This will be the 1st SAFETY4SEA Forum in Dubai Slot Allocation Plan Speaking Slot Model Organiser’s Slot Allocation Policy ●● The event will be conducted on the usual format as we expect all delegates to be provided with FREE attendance; therefore ALL expenses have to be covered by the sponsors ●● Speaking Slots will be provided to vendors and service provides on the condition that they will sponsor the conference ●● As organizers are interested in providing a well-rounded, sustainable event, Direct Marketing will NOT be allowed during presentations [guidelines will be provided for the presentations to comply with]. ●● Speaking slots may be provided to ship operators, prominent industry experts, NGOs, Universities, Associations, Supporting organisations etc. at the discretion of the organisers to the best interest of the event agenda aiming to improve the diversity of the event Why Sponsor 1. This is the leading world class event, bringing the industry together on the issue of maritime safety! 2. Seize a unique opportunity to commit for a good cause as part of your ESG agenda and gain visibility through the content development and engagement 3. Unparallel wide visibility before and after the event via Marketing on our SAFETY4SEALOG (paper magazine), Social Media, www.safety4sea.com and YouTube Why Speak 1. This is a unique opportunity to address a wide audience, the majority of which work on a Ship Operator Office 2. We may assign a 10-12 min speaker slot with enough time to present a subject plus panel participation 3. You will gain unique visibility via SAFETY4SEA LOG (paper magazine), Social Media, safety4sea.com article and YouTube presentation 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide events.safety4sea.com 5 4 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide events.safety4sea.com

Intention to sponsor & speak FRI 28 JUN 2024 Event advertisement via social media & e-mail campaigns Panel finalization FRI 01 JUL 2024 Program finalization FRI 12 JUL 2024 Forum Timeline Forum Action Plan Market research & Stakeholder survey to develop agenda JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Call to stakeholders 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum | WED 20 NOV 2024 Event evaluation survey by delegates Event Press Release & Photos Presentations videos at YouTube Event coverage at SAFETY4SEA Log magazine Event advertisement at SAFETY4SEA Log magazine Pre-Event Activity Market survey to develop the agenda and collect speaking proposals Site Skin placed at www.safety4sea.com 2-3 months ahead of the event Banners placed in organizer sites and media sponsors in Greece and abroad Mail campaigns to past attendees, and key industry executives (10-40,000 contacts) Extended social media campaigns, aprox 4-6 weeks ahead of the event Banner at the daily mail newsletters, circulated to over 35,000 contacts on a daily basis Full paper magazine advert on the SAFETY4SEA Log magazine of the event to boost event awareness Personal invitations circulated in local market ship Operators to participate to the event Post-Event Activity Article of each presentation, edited and submitted for review to be posted on website and circulated via daily mail Video of the presentation to be posted on YouTube, on website and circulated via daily mail Social Media mentions on quotations and posting of articles and video presentations Extended coverage (6-8 pages) on the next edition of the SAFETY4SEA Log magazine of the dedicated event (10,000 copies, to be circulated in Greece & abroad and possible major events as communicated in advance) Key Success Factors ●● Delegate satisfaction ●● Delegates mix, numbers & interest ●● Presentations tuned for the audience ●● Networking & socializing opportunities ●● Panel discussion & audience participation ●● Memorability of the event after 6 months ●● Media buzz before, during & after the event ●● Overall event organisation & administration 1 3 4 2 1 2 2 4 5 3 6 7 2 4 5 3 6 8 7 2 4 5 3 6 9 7 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ! Refer to pre-event and post-event activity regarding description of above action, at next page JUNE 1 2 events.safety4sea.com events.safety4sea.com 6 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide

Sponsor Packs Sponsor Benefits Event Sponsor Conference Sponsor Lead Sponsor 1. Corporate logo and 200 word profile, hyperlinked to sponsor’s website, in the event’s dedicated micro site 2. Name promotion in all e-mails communications (35,000+ recipients) for 4-6 weeks ahead of event 3. Logo/Name promotion on press releases & post event publicity 4. Logo/Name at banner to be displayed on stage set, coffee area and event holding slide during conference and videos on YouTube 5. Full photographic material of the Forum and the welcome event by professional team 6. Speaker photo & bio (200 words) posted on Website promoted during pre / post event marketing 7. 1x Full page advert at the SAFETY4SEA Log or 2x months banner at SAFETY4SEA portal 8. Distribution of corporate brochures and marketing material (with organiser’s care), on the Tables dedicated for Corporate Literature - (1 stack only, space restricted with NO dedicated space for Banners, laptops etc.) 9. Place 1 - 2 Roll up at the venue (max 1m Wide x max 2m Height) 10. Speaking Slot (10 - 12 Min) in line with Organiser’s Guidance 11. Speaker to participate in panel discussion (aprox. 20 - 30 min panel) 12. Speaker presentation article edited / posted on event website and boosted via social media (FB, X, LI) 13. Speaker presentation video posted at the event website and boosted via social media (FB, X, LI) 14. Provide keynote at the opening of the event 15. Unique opportunity to associate with the event as a Headline Sponsor, tagged with “in association with” in all comms 16. Unique opportunity to associate with the event as a Headline Sponsor and get 2x speaking/moderating slots and also provide keynote at the opening of the event 17. Dedicated Spot at the coffee area including a skirted table/ chairs and/ or Roll Up space incl. power supply for Laptop (for marketing purposes) COST (in EUROS, Excl. VAT) 2,000 € 3,500 € 5,000 € Special Promo Opportunities A. Event Lanyards Sponsor to provide the event lanyards for all delegates, using his own preferred artwork Sponsorship Fee (exc. VAT): 1,500 € B. Event Delegate Bags Sponsor to provide the bags for the delegates, using his own preferred artwork Sponsorship Fee (exc. VAT): 1,500 € C. Marketing Material (inside the Delegate Bags) Sponsor to provide his own Marketing material to be inserted at the delegate bags under organizer’s care (limited to one (1) piece only) Sponsorship Fee (exc. VAT): 1,500 € D. Exhibit at the venue Sponsor to provide an exhibit at the venue (weight and size restricted by the venue administration) Sponsorship Fee (exc. VAT): 1,500 € E. Wall Banner Sponsor to provide a visible wall banner (size approx. 4-6 sqm) at the day of the event either at the stairs or next to the entrance of the main auditorium Sponsorship Fee (exc. VAT): 1,500 € 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide events.safety4sea.com events.safety4sea.com 9 8 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide

Key Contacts Apo Belokas Founder & Managing Editor [email protected] Angela Chatzigeorgiou Media Team Manager [email protected] Joanna Saltaoura Events Team Manager [email protected] SAFETY4SEA is Fostering Sustainable Shipping for more than 12 years, hosting the leading safety4sea.com, producing monthly magazines & special publications (100k p.a. circulation onboard & ashore), along with e-mail, video & social media, and delivering SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER4SEA & Crew Welfare Week Forums & Awards. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 89 Events 238 Awards 57k Delegates 1.6k Speakers 1.3k Sponsors 8.7k Organizations 13 Virtual Forums 73 In-Person Forums 7 Cities 14 Annual Events events.safety4sea.com events.safety4sea.com 10 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide

How to maximise exposure out of your participation in the SAFETY4SEA Event Review past event videos & presentations and attendance KPIs to tune for the event. 1 Study the event guide to prepare on how the event is being delivered (if not participated in the past). 2 Review internally your objectives for your participation on the event and derive a wishlist. 3 Communicate your wishlist of expectations to the organisers and seek best available options towards realization. 4 Co-ordinate with the organisers well in advance to send over any marketing material and brochures. 5 Communicate in advance via your social media channels your speaking, participation and/or attendance to the event. 6 Contribute with an article on the website, in advance of the event to prepare the audience for what you are about to contribute to the event. 7 Inform your local people/ agent of your goals and ask them to invite prospective clients/contacts & interested stakeholders to the event. 8 Ensure that your speaker has studied the speaker instructions to tune his presentation with the audience and the scope of your overall marketing strategy. Ask for rehearsals of the presentation and the panel discussion as necessary. 9 Remember that while direct marketing/selling is strictly prohibited during presentation same functions may be performed properly outside the auditorium and during the social functions of the event accordingly. 10 Assist organisers in finalizing the article version of the presentation to be posted on website and participate via social media to spread the news around. 11 Make a different version of the article that has been produced out of the presentation on the event and share via your social media. 12 Post the video presentation on your social media to boost exposure of the presentation. 13 Co-ordinate your social media with the organisers social media postings on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn to maximize reach and conversion. 14 Terms & Conditions (TAC) 1. Attendance Confirmation & Invoicing a. Sponsorship registration is binding once it has been received in writing of any form accepting in full these TAC, Sponsor Guidelines and any other instructions provided by the Organisers. Any sort of reservations should be communicated in writing to the Organisers. b. Invoicing shall be carried out on confirmation of sponsorship and invoice should be settled within 30 days or 15 days from the event, whatever comes first, free of bank charges. Failure to meet payment deadline may entail loss of the allocated sponsor package and associated speaking slot. c. Cancellations of attendance will be without any cost 45 days ahead of the event, at the cost of 20% of the sponsorship for cancellations between 45 to 15 days from the event while cancellations within the last 15 days of the event will have 100% charges on the sponsorship due. 2. Co-ordination of Sponsors & Speakers a. Guidelines to speakers and Guidelines to sponsors shall be communicated well in advance of the event in separate documents that include important provisions on matters concerning successful delivery of the event, expected preparation and performance during the event etc. b. Sponsors are required to co-ordinate with the Organisers and prepare their speakers for the event. c. By participating to the event sponsors and speakers agree to the public posting of their name and logo and the subsequent distribution of presentations to the public via web and YouTube. d. All marketing material to be circulated throughout the event should comply with all applicable national and International legislation, local customs and practice. Organizers reserve the right to refuse or request removal of any material that may be found offensive of any form or may be regarded unsuitable of any form. e. Sponsors are responsible to deliver any material required at the venue of the event, meeting relevant deadlines as otherwise instructed by the Organisers, at their own expenses. 3. Organiser’s Slot Allocation Policy a. As event is provided for FREE to the delegates ALL expenses are to be covered by the sponsors, therefore sponsorship is a prerequisite for service and product vendors in line with the event guide. b. As organizers are interested in providing a wellrounded, sustainable event Direct Marketing will NOT be allowed during presentations in line with Speaker guidelines. c. Organisers reserve the right to allocate Presentation slots to keynote speakers, industry experts, associations and ship operator’s executives to the best interest of the event agenda. 4. Program Development a. Organisers reserve the right to finalise the conference program to the best way possible allocating slots to any organisation to their discretion to the best interest of program diversity and fulfillment. b. Organizers reserve the right to alter/change any part of the program/event for any reason. c. An inability to fulfil the sponsor’s desire for a specific speaking slot, does not give the sponsor the right to cancel their booking, require a price discount, claim compensation or the like. d. Slot allocations will follow the deadlines announced in the event guide and will follow the principle “first come – first served” to the best interest of the agenda development. e. Organisers reserve the right to allocate any speaking slot elsewhere in case a registered sponsor fails to meet nomination of speaker or other important deadlines communicated in advance regarding the conference program. 5. Sponsorship Expectations a. Organisers are not responsible in any way to fulfil any Sponsorship expectations beyond those explicitly described in the event guide and common practice. More specifically organisers are NOT responsible to co-ordinate any 1-1 meeting or make business introductions to event delegates. b. Organisers accept no liability towards the sponsor for possible low support for an event by other sponsors or delegates, or for the absence of possible key spon- sors or meeting commercial sales and contact targets set by the sponsors. 6. General a. In the event of individual provisions of a Sponsorship Agreement or of these TAC being or becoming partly or as a whole ineffective, this will not affect the effec- tiveness of the remaining conditions. b. Any failure of the Organisers to insist upon strict performance of these TAC shall not be deemed a waiver of any Organiser’s rights or remedies nor be deemed as a waiver of any subsequent default by the Sponsor. c. The place of performance for all obligations resulting from or in connection with the sponsorship agreement is Piraeus, Greece. 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide events.safety4sea.com events.safety4sea.com 13 12 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum I Event Guide

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