Events Calendar 2024

# Events 2024 Location Venue/Delivery Dates Agenda Focus Items
Safety Smart Green
Forums – In Person
1. 5th SAFETY4SEA Limassol Limassol Columbia Plaza 31 JAN
2. 9th SMART4SEA Athens Athens Book Castle, SNFCC 13 FEB  
3. 3rd SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Hamburg Empire Riverside Hotel 22 FEB
4. 13th GREEN4SEA Athens Athens Lighthouse, SNFCC 2 APR    
5. 1st GREEN4SEA Singapore Singapore Marina Bay Sands 19 APR    
6. 3rd SAFETY4SEA Manila Manila Sofitel Plaza Manila 23 APR
7. 4th SAFETY4SEA London London ICS Maritime Hub 18 SEP
8. 15th SAFETY4SEA Athens Athens Grand Hyatt Athens 3 OCT
9. 4th SAFETY4SEA Singapore Singapore Westin, Singapore 23 OCT
10. 1st SAFETY4SEA Dubai Dubai Sofitel Dubai Downtown 20 NOV
Forums – Virtual
11. 4th Crew Welfare Week Virtual Online/Youtube 25-27 JUN
12. 8th CAREER4SEA Forum Virtual Online/Youtube 11 DEC
Awards – Virtual
13. 8th SMART4SEA Awards Virtual Online/Youtube 28 FEB      
14. 9th GREEN4SEA Awards Virtual Online/Youtube 9 MAY      
15. 3rd Crew Welfare Awards Virtual Online/Youtube 25 JUN      
16. 9th SAFETY4SEA Awards Virtual Online/Youtube 30 OCT      
Exhibitions Attendance
17. CMA Shipping, Stamford Stamford Online/Youtube 12-14 MAR      
18. Singapore Maritime Week Singapore Online/Youtube 15-19 APR      
19. Posidonia, Athens Athens Online/Youtube 3-7 JUN      
20. SMM, Hamburg Hamburg Online/Youtube 3-6 SEP      

Forums Agenda Focus Items (In Person/Virtual)

  • All Forums: Regulatory Developments (IMO, EU, US), Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Technology to be applied & Related Costs/Economics
  • Safety Agenda Focus Items: Safety, Human Factors (STCW, MLC, OCIMF, Rightship) | Crew Welfare, Resilience, Training & Development | Loss prevention, Risk & Security management
  • Smart Agenda Focus Items: E-Navigation, Big Data, AI, ML, Autonomous Ships | Energy Efficiency & CBM | Cyber Security | Software Applications | Shipboard Connectivity
  • Green Agenda Focus Items: Decarbonization | Air Emissions (EEXI, CII, ETS) | New/alternative Fuels | Ballast Water | Ship Recycling | New Technologies


Notes on the above calendar of Events

  1. Schedule is provided for planning purposes, in advance of CY2024. Agenda Focus Items as per above.
  2. Sponsorship/Participation options/Specs as per Annex A, dedicated Events Guides at & Media Pack at
  3. Shortlisting for the Awards is open 4-6 months in advance for each set, without any commercial commitment. Winning is subject to online vote by readers (50%) and panel of experts (50%), NOT tied/related with Awards Sponsorships and/or any other commercial committment.
  4. Any combination of the above events may be constitute a package deal and agreed in advance
  5. Any package Agreement (covering more than one event/initiative), to be invoiced as a block within January 2024 as part of the early bird packages. Events selected as they come, one by one, do not qualify for discount(s).


Early Bird Terms & Conditions for Packages of CY2024 agreed by December 2023.

  1. Package Discounts: 20% for Packages <5k €, 30% for packages between 5-10k €, 40% for packages between 10-15k €, and 50% for packages >15k € of annual commitment (prior discounts).
  2. Deadlines: Agreements by 15/12/23, Invoicing by EoM January 2024, packages to be settled by 28/02/2024


Additional Offsets for packages under the early bird discount with more than 10k€ Annual Commitment

  1. Company’s name/logo to be displayed as Lead Sponsor in ALL Forums/Awards included in the package
  2. Participation in the relevant Editorial focus (call circulated 4-6 weeks in advance)
  3. Hosting of articles/opinions at website (paper magazines have space and content suitability constraints)
  4. 12 x months bottom web banner [300 x 100] on the


Annex A: Sponsorship/Participation Options and Specification


A.1: Forum Sponsorship (In Person/Virtual)
This is an option offered for In Person and Virtual Forums with the following items provided:

  1. Corporate logo and 200 word profile, hyperlinked to Client’s website, in the event’s dedicated site
  2. Client Name to be promoted in all e-mail communications (35,000+ recipients), press releases and post event publicity for 4-6 weeks before/after event
  3. Speaking Slot (10-12 min) and/or moderator slot and participation in panel discussion (30-60 min) in line with Organiser’s Guidance
  4. Speaker/Moderator photo at event website & promoted during pre / post event marketing
  5. Speaker presentation and full panel video to be posted at the event website and boosted via social media (FB, TW/X, LI)

Note that items a) & b) are provided to all sponsors, while the full list of above benefits is provided only to those assigned a Forum sponsorship including a speaking slot.

In Person Forums Sponsorship at 2,000 € (excl. Speaking) or 3,500 € (incl. Speaking Slot), per forum
Virtual Forums Sponsorship at 1,000 € (excl. Speaking) or 2,500 € (incl. Speaking Slot), per forum


A.2: Virtual Awards Sponsorship
This is an option offered for Virtual Awards Only with the following items provided:

  1. Corporate logo and 200 word profile, hyperlinked to Client’s website, in the event’s dedicated site
  2. Client Name to be promoted in all e-mail communications (35,000+ recipients), press releases and post event publicity for 4-6 weeks before/after event
  3. Opportunity to introduce an award winner and give away the award to the award recipient
  4. Award Sponsor association with the winner in all artwork communicated after the event and all social media mentions at social media (FB, TW/X, LI)

Virtual Awards Sponsorship at 2,000 € per Award


A.3: Video Interview Opportunity
This is an option offered for Video Opportunities Only on selected events/exhibitions with the following items provided:

  1. Video Interview with Key Executive (3-5 minutes max overall duration) at the venue
  2. Questions for the Video interview to be provided/communicated and agreed/co-ordinated in advance to optimize message to be communicated.
  3. Video Interview to be edited and posted at SAFETY4SEA YouTube Channel
  4. Video Interview posting to be boosted via Social Media mentions (X/Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and communicated through the paper magazine.

Video Interview Opportunity Pack at major Events (CMA, SMW, Posidonia, SMM) at 1,500 € per event