7th GREEN4SEA Virtual Awards

SAFETY4SEA announced the winners of the 2022 GREEN4SEA Virtual Awards on April 27th, recognizing industry’s outstanding practices for Sustainability, Clean Shipping, Initiative, Technology, Tanker Operator, Dry Bulk Operator, Personality and Leadership. The process that was employed is a combination of open nomination and vote from audience and the industry panel of experts.


GREEN4SEA Sustainability Award

For launching the Carbon Accounting Reporting Tool for monitoring, measuring & benchmarking shipping-related GHG emissions.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Chief Commercial Officer, RightShip:

At RightShip, we are steering the maritime industry towards a sustainable future. Sustainability is one of RightShip’s 3 strategic pillars alongside social responsibility and safety. These complement our vision of a maritime industry causing zero harm along with our mission to be a trusted innovation partner, charting a safe sustainable and socially conscious way for the industry.

GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award

For taking action to map global pollution and maritime hazards. Eyesea uses technology and the support of seafarers, ship owners, managers and maritime professionals to collect and process oceanic pollution data.

Mr. Steven Schootbrugge, CEO, ChartWorld:

The Eyesea team has grown quickly: it now consists of hundreds of dedicated companies, a thousand of even more dedicated seafarers and a large number of incredibly dedicated people giving their time and effort into solving the large and unfortunately growing problem.

Capt. Mehmet Mazman, Master, Oldendorff:

As seafarers, our profession is to cross the ocean. So, seeing the pollution at the middle of ocean and report it, it’s easier for seafarers. This is why we should involve as many seafarers as we can in the Eyesea organization.

GREEN4SEA Initiative Award

For its ‘Data for Decarbonization Program’ that creates large datasets gathered from maritime stakeholders to build AI models that will predict the carbon emissions of any vessel voyage, and support the optimization of the whole pre-fixture process.

Mr. Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO, Windward:

We are committed to work with our partners that have taken a step forward, shared data, expertise giving their time to build a real technological solution based on AI to measure and reduce shipping carbon’s emissions going forward. This is a goal that we cannot forget about.

GREEN4SEA Technology Award

BERG Propulsion
For its ‘Direct Drive Electric’ which accelerates drive into electric propulsion. Its integrated design, simplified installation and better efficiency address the pressing need to improve transition options to vessel electrification.

Mr. Jonas Nyberg, Managing Director – West, Berg Propulsion:

We believe that the Direct Drive Electric will have a big impact on the marine industry. We would like to thank all of our customers around the world for voting for us this solution that we believe will be very significant going forward in a marine industry that is focusing on environmental footprint, safety, and reliability.

GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award

Maran Tankers Management Inc.
For taking steps into changing the profile of their fleet with the latest order of dual fuel tankers. From 2016 to 2021, in total 19 energy efficient Eco VLCCs have been already delivered to the company while there are orders for more within 2023.

Mr. Mark Pearson, Managing Director, Maran Tankers Management Inc.:

MTM embraces the energy transition and innovative solutions for zero carbon vessels. For this reason, we believe that dual fueled vessels are a key step along the road to achieving this mission. Dual fueled LNG powered VLCCs are a pragmatic solution for the next 15 to 20 years, until zero carbon technology reaches maturity and is ready for use on large tankers.

GREEN4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award

For being a founding signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter which establishes a common framework for reporting on shipping emissions, as well as a target to decrease of 2% in carbon emissions on an annual basis.

Mr. Henrik Røjel, Head of Fuel Efficiency and Decarbonisation, Norden:

The world is facing a climate crisis and at Norden we are proud to be at the forefront of the green transition in shipping. We have made a firm commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 and we’re now making tangible progress towards this goal, as we are also committed to reducing carbon from our operations below the Sea Cargo Charter trajectory.

GREEN4SEA Personality Award

Mr. Stamatis Bourboulis, General Manager, EURONAV SHIP MANAGEMENT (HELLAS) Ltd
For striving for a more sustainable shipping, being at the helm of EURONAV since its inception in November 2005. Throughout his career, he has also worked in the chemical industry, ship building and ship repair shipyards in Greece, having significantly contributed in favor of green shipping practices.

Ms. Eleni Polychronopoulou, Business Development, Director, ERMA FIRST & Executive Vice President, EPE:

Stamatis Bourboulis is a role model for the shipping industry. He has a rich knowledge and vast experience, gaining the respect and admiration of his peers for his leading skills and his contribution in the industry. Shipping needs more people like Stamatis.

Mr. Stamatis Bourboulis, General Manager, EURONAV SHIP MANAGEMENT (HELLAS) Ltd:

After starting my career in chemical industry, I had the chance to continue in the shipping industry for the next 27 years. What makes shipping so interesting is the continuous change and evolution in all aspects. Every day can bring new challenges, and I have many memories of successful and unsuccessful results. But now I have realized how important it is to learn from the mistakes and the failures as well.

GREEN4SEA Leadership Award

Capt. Rajesh Unni, Founder and CEO, Synergy Marine Group
For his outstanding contribution to the maritime industry and his innovative leadership, transforming Synergy into one of the world’s leading ship managers that paves the way towards a more sustainable future with a strong focus on crew wellbeing, digitalization and environmentally responsible policies.

Capt. Rajesh Unni, Founder and CEO, Synergy Marine Group:

In the context of climate change, I believe that we all need to be leaders. But leadership is not about telling others what to do. In Synergy, it is about what we can do to cut emissions, sharing data, developing new products, and identifying best practices. In fact, climate change is not about leadership at all, it is about fellowship, because if we do not work together, we will not be able to save the planet.

About GREEN4SEA Awards
GREEN4SEA Awards are part of the GREEN4SEA Forum within the scope of fostering Excellence & Sustainable Shipping. The process to be employed is a combination of open nomination and vote. The award categories are:

GREEN4SEA Sustainability Award
To be awarded to any organization that promoted an ESG agenda and contributed towards sustainable shipping.

GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award
To be awarded to any organization that contributed towards cleaner shipping.

GREEN4SEA Initiative Award
To be awarded to any organization or association that sparked, realised, or significantly contributed with a specific initiative towards greener shipping.

GREEN4SEA Technology Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant technological achievement or breakthrough or significant contribution in any aspect of environmental maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award
To be awarded to any ship operator of oil or chemical tankers or gas carriers that demonstrated environmental excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award
To be awarded to any ship operator of bulk carriers or general dry cargo vessels that demonstrated environmental excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Personality Award
To be awarded to an individual that provided industry influence and contributed towards greener and sustainable shipping.

GREEN4SEA Leadership Award
To be awarded to an individual that provided industry leadership and contributed towards greener shipping throughout his/her career.

Notification procedure is initiated few months ahead of the event with an open invitation to the industry stakeholders to propose nominations online via relevant form at dedicated awards page. Shortlisted nominees are announced within a week after nomination submission is concluded and open vote to declare the winner of each category is available for a period of three months through relevant application at dedicated awards page. Winners are announced at the award ceremony, during the GREEN4SEA Forum.