SAFETY4SEA Megabox Forum

SAFETY4SEA and the MEGA-BOXSHIP Solutions Working Group cordially invite you to participate and support our upcoming Seminar which will take place on Tuesday 10th of September, within the framework of the London International Shipping Week.

This is an industry-led working group dedicated to analyze risks and formulate mitigating measures for the safety of the Mega-Box Ships. The Group was initially established by CMA-CGM and T&T Salvage more than three(3) years ago attracting a large and diverse number of stakeholders interested in contributing their knowledge, experience, and thoughts to address many of operational challenges facing these ultra large ships. It is now the time to move forward and open the discussion to the rest of the industry on a more structured and formal way to gain momentum fostering safety of Mega-Box Ships for the future ahead.

The inaugural SAFETY4SEA Megabox Forum is scheduled in co-operation with Mega-Boxship Solutions Working Group as a half day event (09:00 to 13:00) on Tuesday 10th of September 2019 at the Hellenic Centre, London UK.

This is a NON PROFIT event expected to attract a target group of approx. 100 persons / 50 organizations attendance from Safety, Technical, Marine departments of shipping operators and other related industry stakeholders. Attendance will be FREE of charge to delegates, a common feature of ALL SAFETY4SEA forums with sponsors covering all the expenses of the event.

Attendance is FREE, subject to Registration.

Scope Foster Safety Excellence and Sustainable Shipping
Concept This is a PRO BONO / NON PROFIT event. ALL Attendees will have FREE admission, ALL conference costs shall be covered in full by the sponsors
Duration This will be a HALF DAY event (09:00 – 13:00).
It will accommodate a max of 4 panels with a MAX of 5 speaker slots on each panel and a fully moderated discussion of approx. 45-50 min on each panel.
Target Audience Ship Operators, Technical, Marine Department & Shipping related audience
Estimated attendance: 100 delegates / 50 Organizations
Background This will be the 1st SAFETY4SEA Megabox Forum.
Details of previous events may be found at

Panel 1: What is the problem? – Challenges and Risks

  • Cargo Declaration Issues
  • Firefighting
  • Box Lightering
  • Crew Competence
  • Insurance and General Average

Panel 2: Closing the Gap

  • Initial Actions – Reducing Crew Overload
  • Shipboard and Shoreside Training
  • Technical Solutions
  • Managing the Response

Panel 3: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward

  • Places of Refuge – the USCG versus the EU system
  • Handling Fire Water
  • IMO and Class – Should industry wait?

Panel 4: Tabletop Fully Guided Case Study

Place United Kingdom, London, The Hellenic Centre [ ]


Information will be available soon.


Program Development & Speaking Slots

Mr. Apo Belokas
SAFETY4SEA Founder & Managing Editor
abe [at] sqegroup [dot] com

Sponsorship Options

Ms. Maria Koutroubi
Client Service Executive
mko [at] sqegroup [dot] com

Administration of the event

Ms. Joanna Saltaoura
Client Service Executive
jsa [at] sqegroup [dot] com


Confirmed sponsors so far:

Albatross Adjusters Limited

Albatross Adjusters Limited, are highly qualified professional Average Adjusters and Marine Claims Consultants, providing a service of excellence to the shipping and insurance communities. Our Certified quality system ensures that procedures are maintained and we can assure our clients and their partners that they will always enjoy a service of excellence constantly improving and tailored made to their ever changing needs.

Company History

In 1983, a Hamburg adjusting firm set up an office in Limassol, Cyprus. This office served local as well as overseas Clients. After a management buyout in September 2009, the Limassol office became an independent firm. In the course of the natural transformation of the company it was decided to change its name to ALBATROSS ADJUSTERS LIMITED in October 2010.


The Company handles marine casualty claims from around the world. Our qualified personnel of Marine Insurance Specialists and Average Adjusters work in teams to resolve claims efficiently and to offer our clients expert advice along the way.

With our nautical and legal qualifications, technical training and knowledge and years of professional experience, we successfully

handle a wide range of marine casualty cases.

* General Average * Third Party Liability

* Particular Average * Loss of Hire

* Collision * Delayed Delivery

* Salvage * Recovery

Our Adjusters work in teams with a combination of qualifications, training and experience, enabling us to advise on and deal with all size of nature of cases.

Assisting clients with claims administration and statistics, with access to consultant Marine Engineers, Master Mariners and Legal Advisers, Albatross also specialises in establishing cause of damage, handling of marine claims generally, including advising upon and the interpretation of insurance cover. The partners of Albatross have collectively in excess of 70 years experience as Average Adjusters.

An experienced team of staff has been working together to handle the requirements for collections of securities that Albatross Clients require. Equipped with the latest technological tools and in depth knowledge of the shipping transport system especially the operations of container shipping Albatross can guarantee an efficient and smooth collection facility that caters for the needs of Shipowners/ Salvors/Charterers/Cargo interests and insurance companies alike. With well established practices that developed through the years and an experienced and dynamic team running the latest technologies we have made sure that the principles of General Average can be applied on the biggest containers ships with minimum disruption to cargo operations.


Clean Sea

Clean Sea is a family private owned company with more than 15 years expertise in the Shipping Industry, conceived as a young, experienced and qualified OSRO additionally rendering launch and Emergency Response services (Salvage) in all Argentinean waters in compliance with local coastguard’s regulations (OSRO-Maritime A1 rank and Salvage Company certification). With more than 30 people on our permanent staff, professionals available on call,  state of the art portable equipment, crafts and a vast network of reputable subcontractors Clean Sea provides coverage and rapid response services for top of the line ship owners, oil majors, traders and charterers within all Argentinian Sea, Rio de la Plata and Hidrovia Paraná-Paraguay. The company participated in most important cleanup operations in the last years and successfully assisted more than fifteen stranded vessels jointly with T&T Salvage to owners’ and underwriters’ satisfaction.


Combi Lift

We at Combi Lift, see communication as a vital aspect of trust. Our direct, personal relationships with our stakeholders are the keys to our success. We are headquartered in Bremen – at the heart of the Harren & Partner Group. This simplifies decision-making processes and ensures that we always have the expertise we need at hand. Combi Lift offers its clients seamless logistics solutions, from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start-up. You name it, we move it.


C Solutions

C Solutions was set up in 2000 by Chris Beesley. Headquartered in the City of London, they also have offices in Athens, Cyprus, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Sydney.  Staffed by lawyers, experienced claims handlers from the P&I and H&M sectors, Master Mariners and insurance industry professionals they handle all manner of wet and dry marine cases for ship owners, charterers and managers, insurance brokers, P&I Clubs, H&M, liability and energy insurers, salvors, banks, national governments and local authorities offering a one stop claims facility for all marine claims around the clock, around the world.



We offer a wide range of services including financial, commercial, and technical support, as well as insurance and crew management. Apart from our complementary activities provided by the companies within the Group, our core competencies lie in chartering as well as sale and purchase.

With its numerous offices, subsidiaries, and partner companies located worldwide Peter Döhle Group offers tailor-made solutions for the whole shipping industry.


Pro Liquid

Pro Liquid is a one-stop liquid cargo handling service provider specialising in the maritime and petrochemical industry. We offer 24/7 worldwide solutions such as liquid transfer services, salvage support, ship-to-ship services and expediting & loss control, as well as rental and sale of equipment. We will perform according the customer operational requirements, aligning our processes to your needs, to offer you a tailor made solution offshore or in-port. Furthermore, with our in-house Mooring Masters (POACs) and their comprehensive global experience of both commercial as well as emergency operations, we ensure that all our operations are conducted in line with all industry standards.

Inaccessible locations. Extreme climates. Heavy oils with ultra-high viscosities. These are the challenges faced during salvage operations on land or at sea. On top of that, there is the potential problem of spills, which not only cause serious environmental damage but are also expensive to clean up. This is where Pro Liquid comes in. We provide salvage support services to handle and recover any liquid cargo, even in the harshest conditions. Using proven Pro Liquid pumping equipment, we safely, effectively and efficiently remove oil or any other pollutants to protect you from potential financial, economic and environmental liabilities.

As Pro Liquid, we serve a wide range of clients varying from ship agents, ship owners, ship managers, charterers and ship operators, terminalS, refineries, shipyards offshore and oil field operators all over the world. Pro Liquid, your Pro-active and Professional worldwide partner in liquid cargo handling.


Taylor Marine TR Little

Taylor Marine TR Little is a long-established leading international Marine Consultancy, providing expert global assistance to the maritime industry. The combined wealth of knowledge and experience of our ex-seagoing officers, engineers and naval architects enables us to offer comprehensive, round the clock support, from dealing with minor incidents to major casualties requiring emergency response. We operate across a broad spectrum of the maritime industry, advising Ship Owners, Charterers, Shipyards, P&I Clubs, Port and Terminal operators, Underwriters, Salvors, Average Adjusters and law firms, to name but a few.


TCI Maritime Consultants

TCI was set up in 1976 by Roger Moisey who was joined by senior legal advisor Sally Saudek in 1991. It is headquartered in Piraeus with have representative offices in Glyfada and Istanbul. It has vast experience in dealing with shipping related problems of all kinds, and combines a commercial and legal approach to achieve speedy and effective solutions, whether by negotiation, meetings, arbitration, mediation or other legal means. TCI’s client base is closely aligned with C Solutions’ and the combined entity will work closely with all stakeholders.

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    1. Event Details: SAFETY4SEA Megabox Forum is scheduled for TUE 10th of September 2019 at the Hellenic Centre, London UK. It will be a half day event from 09:00 to 13:00. Organizers reserve the right to alter/change any part of the program/ event for any reason.
    2. Costs: Event participation is FREE of charge including attendance of the event and beverages/snacks offered. Attendance Certificates and Presentations will be available at SAFETY4SEA subscribers after the event.
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Who Should Attend

This is a must attend event for all companies and individuals interested in Maritime Environmental Excellence and Sustainable Shipping , including:

  • Ship owners
  • Ship Manager Company Staff (Technical, Marine, Operations, Safety & Quality)
  • Maritime professionals
  • Regulatory & government authorities
  • Flag state representatives
  • Classification societies representatives
  • Marine Insurers & P&I Executives
  • Experts on information technologies (IT) onboard
  • Other relevant with smart technologies Industry Organizations/ Executives/ Experts

Delegate Helpdesk

General Information

Who can I contact for more information on the event?
Please contact the organizers directly at e-mail: info [at] safety4sea [dot] com


How do I register?
To register you should fill in the online registration form and follow the instructions contained in the Registration Form.

Is the event free to attend for the delegates?
Attendance to the event is FREE subject to online registration. In case you are interested, please complete the online registration form and confirm with the organizers. FREE attendance includes coffee, snacks and drinks during breaks plus lunch at the event venue. Attendance does NOT include accommodation and/or traveling or parking which should be paid in by the delegates as decided/applicable. Speaker Presentations, Conference DVD and Certificates of attendance will be available through the organizers after the event, at no additional cost, ONLY to SAFETY4SEA subscribers.

What happens if I am unable to attend despite being registered?
Appreciate if you could inform the organizers by e-mail as soon as possible before the event.

At the event

Where is the event being held and how do I get there?
The event location is at the Hellenic Centre, London UK. You may find instructions here.

What happens when I get to the event venue?
When you arrive at the event please go to the registration desk and collect your badge which should be worn at all times. Welcome coffee and snacks are available during registration and breaks.

After the event

How may I evaluate and comment on the event?
You may comment with the organizers at any time, during or after the event. Furthermore an event evaluation form will be available online after the event to complete anonymously any comments you may have.

How can I order Speaker Presentations, Conference DVD or Certificates of Attendance?
Speaker Presentations and Certificates of attendance will be available through the organizers after the event, at no additional cost, ONLY to SAFETY4SEA subscribers. Conference DVD may be available at additional cost to those interested.

Please contact the organizers directly at e-mail: info [at] safety4sea [dot] com

We look forward to welcoming you at this event!