Ever Given in Suez Canal: Implications, Best Practices and Lessons learned

WED 31 MAR 2021



Ever Given had an incident that resulted in blocking the Suez Canal since March 23, hitting the headlines across the globe. Without pointing fingers, focusing on solutions, consequences and next day lessons to be learned for the industry we would like to discuss current and next day implications:

  • Should we be surprised by the incident and what it means for global trade?
  • What are the challenges from safety, technical, security, operational, Salvage perspective for a mega ship transiting the canal?
  • Is this the worst case scenario that we may experience and/or what would have happened in other scenarios either in the same location or other choke points across the globe?
  • As the industry is in love with mega ships, should we consider this a wake-up call? Are we past the control point?
  • Incident is making headlines in major media outlets across the globe: Is shipping ready to handle such an incident, the aftermath and the communications crisis?
  • What went well? Are there any positive outcomes out of the case for the short and long term?
  • Are there any best practices and lessons to be learned for the industry out of this case?

Jim Allsworth

Claims Director
C Solutions Limited

Apostolos Belokas

Managing Editor

Georgios Hatzimanolis

Media Strategist

George Margetis

Managing Director
Margetis Maritime Consulting

Elias Psyllos

VP Commercial and Risk Management
T&T Salvage


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