5th GREEN4SEA Awards

The winners across the seven smart shipping categories who walked with a GREEN4SEA Award were announced at a prestigious ceremony which took place on Tuesday 3rd of March, 2020 at the Yacht Club of Greece, Piraeus. The awards focus exclusively on initiatives and individuals who foster Environmental Excellence & Sustainable Shipping, following a combination of open nomination and audience-vote.

2020 GREEN4SEA Awards

GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award

Lloyd’s Register FOBAS
For offering a high quality Fuel Testing service. During the last months, FOBAS raised the alarm when contaminated fuels were found in several regions, providing best practices to acknowledge such cases and to prevent fuel contamination and its harmful effects.

Mrs. Katerina Tsolaki, Chief Scientific Officer, ERMA FIRST S.A.:

The Lloyd’s Register FOBAS team offers high quality services and contributes significantly towards greener shipping by providing support at all stages for the effective compliance with IMO Sulphur Cap which is into effect since the beginning of the year.

Mrs. Maria Kyratsoudi, Global FOBAS Business Development Manager, Lloyd’s Register:

The last decade, FOBAS team has significantly changed; the way we are organized today has nothing to do with the past, but the main principals remain the same; we are always at the front to provide support and expertize to our customers in all fuel related issues. FOBAS team involves a wide network of experts and technicians all over the world; all of them have contributed to receive this award today and we would like to thank our colleagues and also those who voted for us.

GREEN4SEA Initiative Award

World LPG Association (WLPGA)
For adding value to the maritime industry by addressing the benefits of using LPG as a marine fuel. The latest report by WLPGA offers guidance for LPG marine fuel supply, concluding that sufficient potential infrastructure for distribution of LPG is available to serve potential marine market demand.

Mr. Alexander Hadjipateras, Executive Vice President of Business Development, DORIAN LPG MANAGEMENT CORP:

In a highly dynamic field such as the shipping industry, there is an urgent need for a new way of thinking about the future. The biggest challenge that are industry is currently facing, does not lay in complying with the strict environmental regulations but in creating a genuinely sustainable future. For this target, it is imperative to introduce initiatives that are associated with inspiration, team effort and collaboration; World LPG Association is an inspiring example which has added value to the maritime industry, by supporting LPG as a sustainable fuel.

Mr. Nikos Xydas, Technical Director, World LPG Association:

“It is a great pleasure to receive this award as an acknowledgement by the maritime community for our work towards a greener industry. We are truly motivated to continue our efforts to support LPG because we truly believe that this fuel is a key enabler for IMO’s 2050 regulation which calls for a reduction in total annual greenhouse gas emissions.

GREEN4SEA Technology Award

Dynagas Ltd
For featuring state of the art LNG carriers supporting a more sustainable industry. Notably, Dynagas made history in 2012, when the company’s LNG carrier OB RIVER became the world’s first LNG Carrier to transit and carry a cargo through the Northern Sea Route.

Mr. George Andreadis, Marine Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas:

We are proud and honored to have work with Dynagas at the development of the state of the art Yamal LNG that explored the North Sea Route. Dynagas is a pioneer in the LNG sector. Further to conventional shipping, the company has specialized in subzero harsh weather conditions, steadily building up knowledge and experience in this field, by transporting cargo in areas with such a challenging environment.

Dynagas Ltd:

’We are truly grateful and proud for the recognition we have received for our efforts, especially amongst such other prestigious and capable nominees. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us as it is always very pleasing when industry recognizes the work we are doing and we hope to inspire others toward a greener shipping future.

GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award

GasLog LNG Services Ltd
For embracing environmentally sound and energy efficient practices, putting sustainability at the core of its activities. The company is committed to conduct its activities, both ashore and at sea, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Mr. Yiannis Christopoulos, Managing Director, Wärtsilä:

Shipping is the most sustainable way of transporting goods; however we should always strive to improve energy efficiency through its operations and minimize environmental footprint. Gaslog LNG Services gives the example; the company implements an effective environmental policy setting sustainability at the core of its activities.

Mr. Loukas Kavouras, Fleet Manager, GasLog LNG Services Ltd:

With the extensive knowledge that we have accumulated over the years we have adopted practices and procedures to protect the environment managing our operations, our ships their voyages and cargo extremely efficient. We are committed to conduct our activities, both ashore and at sea, in a responsible manner, ensuring the safety of people, and continuously looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

GREEN4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award

Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd
For setting direction toward greener shipping. The company is operating a powerful fleet with enhanced environmental performance, putting in place daily practices to safeguard the environment and initiatives to achieve environmental excellence.

Mrs. Sarah Zitouni, Business Development Manager, Lean Marine:

Blue Planet has achieved to grow remarkably, always however, maintaining a low profile and demonstrating exceptional professionalism through its successful management and qualified personnel. Blue Plant has consistently invested in ‘green’ initiatives and undoubtedly demonstrates qualitative, sustainable development. In this regard, the cooperation with Anemoi Marine for the installation of the Flettner Rotors system onboard is a real proof that environmental awareness can be correlated to economic sense.

Mr. Claes Eek Thorstensen, President and COO, Thome Group:

The Thome Group has always put great emphasis on making as minimal an impact as possible on the environment. Thome has implemented an integrated management system solution which is designed to monitor the performance of our entire managed fleet. Respecting nature is so important to the future of our planet and Thome’s staff go the extra mile in helping with various CSR activities including beach cleaning, tree planting and raising funds for victims of natural disasters. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us as it is always very pleasing when our industry peers recognise the work we are doing.

GREEN4SEA Personality Award

Dr. John Kokarakis, Vice President Technology & Business Development, Bureau Veritas
For contributing to Shipping Industry on various technical and environmental aspects, focusing on the implementation and improvement of green regulations.

Mrs. Athena Kanellatou, Regional Director – Mediterranean, MacGregor:

Dr. John Kokarakis demonstrates high levels of engineers’ core technical competence, has extensive experience in ship design and operations spanning over forty years, is recognized for his highly regarded contribution, the respect to the profession and all stakeholders, the nature of his personal attributes, skills, and cognitive abilities.

Dr. John Kokarakis, Vice President Technology & Business Development, Bureau Veritas:

I am honored, pleased and humble to receive this award and also grateful for this recognition. It is suitable and symbolic to receive this award from MacGregor because 38 years ago I received a lifeline scholarship for the first years of studies at the University of Michigan from the president of MacGregor at that time, so now I feel I have fulfilled his admonition to stay in Greece and offer my services to my home country. I have gone through several challenges coming up to here, however each one of them has strengthened me and made me the person I am today, teaching me that it is important to set your eyes on the goal and do not lose sight of it until you have it succeed.

GREEN4SEA Leadership Award

Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou, Chief Strategy Officer, Tototheo Maritime
For his leadership role and long-standing career in the maritime industry, holding high profile positions at national and international Associations.

Mr. Marco Dierico, Sales & Proposal Manager, ANDRITZ AG:

We are honored to sponsor this award which acknowledges Mr. Chrysostomou’s leadership role all these years within the maritime industry. Throughout his career, Mr. Chrysostomoy has held several important and high profile positions, being at the front of industry’s developments.

Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou, Chief Strategy Officer, Tototheo Maritime:

It is a real honour to receive this award by GREEN4SEA. I am really pleased and happy that my contribution to green shipping and in shipping in general is being recognised by peers. This is a real motive for me to continue working and contributing towards the reduction of our industry’s environmental footprint.

About GREEN4SEA Awards
GREEN4SEA Awards are part of the GREEN4SEA Athens Forum within the scope of fostering Excellence & Sustainable Shipping. The process to be employed is a combination of open nomination and vote. The award categories are:

GREEN4SEA Port Award
To be awarded to any port that demonstrated environmental excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award
To be awarded to any organization that contributed towards cleaner shipping.

GREEN4SEA Initiative Award
To be awarded to any organization or association that sparked, realised, or significantly contributed with a specific initiative towards greener shipping.

GREEN4SEA Technology Award
To be awarded to any organization that provided a significant technological achievement or breakthrough or significant contribution in any aspect of environmental maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award
To be awarded to any ship operator of oil or chemical tankers or gas carriers that demonstrated environmental excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award
To be awarded to any ship operator of bulk carriers or general dry cargo vessels that demonstrated environmental excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity.

GREEN4SEA Personality Award
To be awarded to an individual that provided industry influence and contributed towards greener and sustainable shipping.

GREEN4SEA Leadership Award
To be awarded to an individual that provided industry leadership and contributed towards greener shipping throughout his/her career.

Notification procedure is initiated few months ahead of the event with an open invitation to the industry stakeholders to propose nominations online via relevant form at dedicated awards page. Shortlisted nominees are announced within a week after nomination submission is concluded and open vote to declare the winner of each category is available for a period of three months through relevant application at dedicated awards page. Winners are announced during the welcome reception & award ceremony, the evening ahead of the GREEN4SEA Forum, in Athens.