7th CAREER4SEA Virtual Forum

The 7th CAREER4SEA Virtual Forum is scheduled as a full day event on Wednesday 13 December 2023, as a set of virtual panels, accommodating up to eighteen (18) speaker slots in four (4) sessions. Attendance will be FREE of charge to delegates.

This is a NON PROFIT event aiming at a target group of undergraduate & postgraduate students and young people interested in exploring the opportunities of a career in shipping industry, Shipping Companies, Service providers (Training, Insurance, Medical, Lawyers, Charterers, Flags, Classification Societies, HR Management etc.)

Attendance is FREE, subject to Online Registration


Tentative Forum Schedule

Forum Opening: Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA
Time Schedule: 10:55 GMT / 12:55 ATH / 18:55 SGT


PANEL #1 – Shipping Past, Present, Future
Time Schedule: 11:00 GMT / 13:00 ATH / 19:00 SGT
Moderated by Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA
When we analyze the progression of the shipping sector, it becomes evident that it has always been a fundamental force underpinning international trade. Yet, as a dynamic domain, the maritime environment undergoes continuous transformation, demanding a corresponding evolution in our mindset.

  • Top priorities in the agenda: Safety, sustainability, and technological advancements
  • Uncovering emerging trends within the industry due to digitalization & decarbonization
  • Anticipating a promising future for shipping: Insights for newcomers
  • Shipping 2030/2050: How to move forward


  1. Panagiotis Kourkoumelis, Training and Development Manager, Kyklades Maritime Corporation
  2. Ross Millar, Loss Prevention Associate, Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited
  3. Lennart Ripke, Director Sales, Green Jakobsen
  4. Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Head of Loss Prevention Asia-Pacific , NorthStandard

PANEL #2 – The Perfect Applicant
Time Schedule: 12:00 GMT / 14:00 ATH / 20:00 SGT
Moderated by Anastasia Kypriotaki, News Editor, SAFETY4SEA

Despite the challenging nature of the shipping industry, it remains accessible to individuals aspiring to advance their careers, offering diverse opportunities for participation. Whether pursuing roles at sea or onshore, professionals from diverse backgrounds can find a place within the maritime domain. However, a strong passion for learning and a commitment to continuously develop both hard and soft skills are vital for success.

  • Investing in soft skills in the evolving landscape: Training techniques & Key focus areas
  • Recommendations for maritime professionals: Valuable lessons and guidance for new entrants
  • Encouraging the next generation: Why a career in maritime industry in a wise option
  • Expectations from the Millennials: Understanding the desires and needs of maritime industry stakeholders


  1. Capt. Christos Gianneios, Crew Manager, Niovis Shipping Co. S.A.
  2. Ben Darnton, Director, Halcyon Recruitment
  3. Panagiotis Konstantopoulos, Deputy Crew Manager, Maran Tankers Management Inc
  4. Amalia Marcou, Crew Director & HR Manager, Enesel Dry SA
  5. Katerina Tzimogianni, Human Resources Business Partner, V. Ships Greece Ltd.


PANEL #3 – Life onboard
Time Schedule: 13:00 GMT / 15:00 ATH / 21:00 SGT
Moderated by Katerina Tsiakaraki, News Editor, SAFETY4SEA

Discussion with seafarers/ captains on challenges at sea and career prospects

  • What are the pros and cons of pursuing a career at sea?
  • What has changed in your profession since the beginning of your career till today and why?
  • What is the most exciting or rewarding issue onboard? And what is the most challenging issue onboard?
  • What are your thoughts with regards to welfare at sea? Do you see any progress? Is there room  for improvement ? Are you happy? What needs to be done further?
  • How effective is the communication with the people ashore (Corporate/Family/Friends)? How can this be improved ?
  • What do you think are the barriers to socializing onboard? What can we done to improve this?
  • What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given & why?
  • In your view, has the maritime industry developed an attractive working environment for young people to join today?  What needs to be done further?
  • What is your key message/ advice to young people who are interested in a career at sea?


  1. Christian Rey Dela Cruz, Third Assistant Engineer, NYK Line
  2. Capt. Athanasios Glavas, Master (LNG Industry), Maran Gas Maritime Inc
  3. Danica Mae Madela, 2nd Officer
  4. Capt. Anastasios Mavrogenis, Master, Latsco Marine Management Inc.
  5. Capt. Thilanka Sirimanna, USV Pilot/ Master, XOCEAN Ltd.


PANEL#4 – Shipping industry as an attractive working environment
Time Schedule: 14:00 GMT / 16:00 ATH / 22:00 SGT
Moderated by Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA

Given that the shipping industry facilitates 90% of international trade, it is crucial for young people to understand its pivotal role and debunk any misconceptions regarding its perceived male-centric nature. The maritime sector is evolving, creating opportunities for the younger generation to actively participate and fostering an environment that champions diversity, equality, and inclusiveness.

  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the maritime sector: Key strategies & policies
  • Key initiatives and best practices towards DEI: Why Mentoring is vital
  • The role of leadership for cultivating an engaging and inclusive maritime landscape
  • How to prioritize Psychological Safety and promote Mental Health and well-being within the industry


  1. Antigoni Botsi, Regional HR Manager GR and CY, V. Ships Greece Ltd.
  2. Chris Hall, MD Hong Kong, American Club
  3. Capt. Konstantinos G. Karavasilis, Regional Director, Loss Prevention, UK P&I Club
  4. Capt. VS Parani, Vice President – Marine, Tufton Asset Management


Forum Closing: Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA
Time Schedule: 15:00 GMT / 17:00 ATH / 23:00 SGT



Attendance is FREE, subject to Online Registration


Antigoni Botsi, Regional HR Manager GR and CY, V. Ships Greece Ltd.

Antigoni Botsi has gained extensive experience through Shipping, Consulting and Tobacco business. Her main areas of expertise focus on HR Transformation and Optimization (HR operating model transformation, change management, matrix organizations, shared service center environment, as well as transforming capability into capacity), Recruitment, Training & Development, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Building and Managing teams, managing multiple stakeholders. Her experience in HR coupled with the Sales experience has provided her with the ability to have a wider business scope, focusing on business development and investing in people.


Ben Darnton, Director, Halcyon Recruitment


Christian Rey Dela Cruz, Third Assistant Engineer, NYK Line

Christian has been working as an engineer onboard Gas Carrier Ships and continuously seeks opportunities for growth and to be relevant to the maritime industry. He has a deep passion for continuous learning and professional development within the maritime sector. Over the years, he has actively participated in seminars and events organized by SAFETY4SEA, Mission to Seafarers, and ISWAN. These experiences have not only expanded his knowledge of industry trends but have also allowed him to network with professionals who share a common commitment to maritime safety, welfare, and best practices. Christian is a dedicated and highly motivated individual with a passion for the maritime industry, seeking opportunities to contribute his skills and knowledge as a seafarer. He is eager to leverage his experience in attending seafarer-related seminars and events.


Capt. Christos Gianneios, Crew Manager, Niovis Shipping Co. S.A.

Cpt Gianneios Christos is the Crew Manager of Niovis Shipping Co SA since January 2021. He holds a Lloyds Maritime Academy Diploma in Maritime Management & Leadership. Responsible for interview new joiners, prepare crew for sign-on , control crew certificates. He is a graduate of Merchant Marine Academy of Epirus in 2009. From November 2009 till November 2020 he serve onboard Supramax & Ultramax Bulk Carriers. As 2nd.Off / Ch.Off & Master under the Management of Niovis Shipping.



Athanasios Glavas, Master (LNG Industry), Maran Gas Maritime Inc

Capt. Glavas was born and lives in Athens, and he is recruited on board Maran Gas Maritime fleet as a Master. He started his sea career in 2006 as a deck cadet in oil tankers, through Greece’s Maritime Academy. Since 2015 he started working on LNG vessels of Maran Gas Maritime as a Second Officer and got promoted through the years.




Chris Hall, MD Hong Kong, American Club

Chris Hall is a New York-licensed Lawyer, with over 28 years of shipping and marine insurance experience. He worked for five years in New York City and has lived and worked in Asia for 22 years. Chris is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he double-majored in Asian Studies and Political Science.  He also holds a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Tulane University Law School in New Orleans. After several years as a shipping lawyer in New York, Chris moved to the P&I world in Asia, where he has been a P&I and FD&D claims handler, an underwriter and most recently the head of the American P&I Club’s operations in Asia, particularly business development.  He is based in Hong Kong and travels widely around Southeast Asia, South Asia and Greater China.


Capt. Konstantinos G. Karavasilis, Regional Director, Loss Prevention, UK P&I Club

Kostas is a Greek Master Mariner with significant seagoing experience on-board Bulk Carriers and Cruise Ships. Prior to joining Thomas Miller’s Hellas office in December, 2019 he worked as Claims Manager for a local hull insurer, garnering more than 10 years of experience within the marine insurance industry. Kostas is certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping as an ISM and ISPS Internal Auditor. He deals with Loss Prevention related matters and operational enquiries for local Members, and he also conducts crew seminars


Panagiotis Konstantopoulos, Deputy Crew Manager, Maran Tankers Management Inc

He has been in the maritime industry since 2006, working solely in crewing since 2009. Skilled in managing and supervising crew operations, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards, and liaising with clients and authorities. Assist the crew manager in planning, organizing and overseeing the crewing activities of the company’s fleet of 47 vessels. He has M.SC in Shipping Management from University of Piraeus and BA in International and European studies from Panteion University of Athens.



Panagiotis Kourkoumelis, Training and Development Manager, Kyklades Maritime Corporation

Panagiotis Kourkoumelis is the Training and Development Manager of Kyklades Maritime Corporation. He studied Mechanical Engineering (BSc, MSc) at the University of Leeds and entered the shipping industry at the start of his career. Since then he has worked in various positions in the shipping industry, always with a view to safety, quality and developing people. He is a member of INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee.



Anastasia Kypriotaki, News Editor, SAFETY4SEA

Anastasia Kypriotaki is a news editor at SAFETY4SEA. Having grown up in Piraeus, a global maritime center, she always felt a strong connection to the sea and maritime affairs. Coming from a family with many seafarers, as soon as she finished her studies in the department of Communication, Media and Culture at Panteion University, she knew that maritime news was her calling. Ever since joining the SAFETY4SEA editors’ team, Anastasia has been writing about and exploring the importance of a sustainable and human-centric maritime industry, with keen interest.


Danica Mae Madela, 2nd Officer

A licensed officer-in-charge of a navigational watch with sailing experience on tanker vessels and who presently sits as a fleet coordinator in a Norwegian shipping company as the one responsible for the upkeeping of fleet databases relevant to ship inspections. Transitioned from working in the domestic shipping to the international shipping industry. A passionate maritime professional who aims to contribute in improving the industry for the present and next generation.



Capt. Anastasios Mavrogenis, Master, Latsco Marine Management Inc.


Amalia Marcou, Crew Director / HR Manager, ENESEL DRY S.A

Amalia Marcou, born in Limassol, is a M.S graduate in Mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany and an MBA Graduate from Middlesex University in London. Having 18 years of proven track record within a Management position in the Shipmanagement sector. Since November 2015, being a member of the Human Element Committee of Intertanko. Having worked as a Fleet Personnel Manager at Bernhard Schulte Ship Management and being involved in the Greek office’s early establishment and development has rapidly expanded my knowledge and experience.  Since 2014 working with the Enesel Group of companies, started as Crew Manager at Enesel SA in Athens, moved to Limassol in June 2015, working as a Crew/HR Manager at Enesel Limited and since January 2023, working  as a Crew Director /HR Manager for Enesel Dry S.A in Athens. Having the overall control and responsibility of the Crew and HR departments in a shipping company, the central part of my duties is selecting and recruiting competent employees and seafarers for the office and vessels of different types. Always ensure compliance with international rules and regulations and enable effective communication with the rest of the departments and third parties. Being in a complex and dynamic business environment that requires competent and skilled professionals can effectively work on solutions and deal with daily challenges.



Ross Millar, Loss Prevention Associate, Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited

Ross is a trained Master Mariner with over 17 years’ shipping experience and holds an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics from Glasgow University. His education gives him a remarkable insight into vessel operations. Ross has been invited to speak at numerous global shipping events and participates in all manner of events on industry-related issues as a speaker, panellist, and presenter. Before joining the Club, he worked for a prominent city law firm specialising in marine casualty investigation and contentious litigation. He has handled collisions, groundings, fire, major loss of life, salvage, and cargo claims. His maritime experience includes ferry, offshore, and cruise vessel operations. Ross later served as a Master on Ro-Pax vessels with a well-known ferry operator and prior to moving to London held a Pilotage position at a busy harbour. During this time, he completed over 900 acts of Pilotage on various vessels, gaining a solid understanding of ship handling on a range of different vessel types


Capt. VS Parani, Vice President – Marine, Tufton Asset Management

Captain VS Parani, FNI, FICS, CMarTech-IMarEST is responsible for marine functions at Tufton Asset Management Ltd. He values his experience of thirty years in the shipping industry onboard ships, and then in various corporate roles responsible for the management of large shipping fleets. Besides his Master-Mariner’s license, he also holds Master degrees in law and in business. He also teaches in a graduate programme in shipping management at the CIM-Cyprus Business School. He is the Author of the bestselling book Golden Stripes- Leadership on the High Seas and is the Producer of the GoldenStripes Podcast.


Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA

Joining SAFETY4SEA in 2011, Sandra began as a junior news editor and has since progressed to the role of the Editor in Chief where she plays a pivotal role in overseeing the content strategy and publication process. Throughout her tenure, she has exhibited a profound passion for the mission and vision of SAFETY4SEA, making significant contributions to the project’s success. A graduate of the University of Piraeus, Sandra’s educational background includes studies in Business Administration and an MBA with a certification in Total Quality Management.


Lennart Ripke, Director Sales, Green Jakobsen

Lennart Ripke is an ex-mariner, and he has several years of experience as a deck officer on chemical tankers. After his seafarer career, he joined the maritime learning and development business, where he was heading the office in Germany for a major e-learning provider. Being responsible for the sales there and now in Green-Jakobsen he possesses a profound knowledge of the concerns and demands that exist among the maritime companies. With a passion for the maritime industry and for learning and development, Lennart is not only taking care of sales in Green-Jakobsen, but he is also a valuable subject matter expert involved in the development of solutions and services for our clients.


Thilanka Sirimanna, Master Mariner

Thilanka presently holds the position of a USV Pilot/Master, where he operates Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) remotely from shore stations. His extensive maritime background includes significant experience on Oil, Chemical, and LPG vessels. Accumulating over 13 years of dedicated involvement in sailing, navigation, and various maritime activities, Thilanka is known for his results-driven mindset and a commitment to continuous improvement. His professional philosophy revolves around a proactive pursuit of excellence, adapting to evolving challenges in the maritime sector. Thilanka is not only well-versed in collaborative efforts but also excels in leadership roles. As a self-starter, he demonstrates the ability to thrive with minimal direction, showcasing a keen interest in exploring diverse facets of the Maritime Industry. Thilanka’s adaptability is a key asset, allowing him to seamlessly transition between team-based projects and individual responsibilities based on the dynamic demands of the situation at hand. His multifaceted skills and forward-thinking approach position him as a valuable asset in the ever-evolving field of maritime operations.


Katerina Tsiakaraki, News Editor, SAFETY4SEA

Katerina Tsiakaraki was born in Athens. She is a graduate of the Department of Journalism of Panteion University. Since childhood she dreamed of combining shipping with journalism/editing. Her career started in early 2023 at Safety4sea, and since then she has been interested every day to evolve and learn everything about shipping and life onboard.



Katerina Tzimogianni , Human Resources Business Partner, V. Ships Greece Ltd.

Katerina Tzimogianni is a Certified HR professional,  holding a MSc in HRM. Her current role is an HR Business Partner in V.Ships Greece, part of V Group. Her main goal is to build bridges between human resources and other business units, by aligning people management with the needs of an organization’s different teams. Having an overall understanding of finance, business objectives, competition, market trends, and company culture is able to develop solutions across the organization. In her role she can combine her 10 years of  experience in various HR functions and her strong business acumen to work with business leaders to develop HR strategies that support recruiting, onboarding, growth and retention of employees while ensuring that these people strategies are closely aligned with organization-wide strategic planning.


Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Head of Loss Prevention Asia-Pacific, NorthStandard Club

Yves Vandenborn is a master mariner and sailed with Exmar Nv. Belgium on chemical/product, LNG and LPG tankers. Since coming ashore in 2003, Yves has worked as a marine superintendent and as an independent marine surveyor undertaking numerous P&I condition surveys, oil major SIRE pre-vettings, TMSA audits, pre-purchase surveys, bulk carrier hatch cover ultra-sonic tests, etc. Yves joined The Standard Club in February 2010 as an in-house marine surveyor based in Singapore. In July 2013 he took over as Director of Loss Prevention for The Standard Club. As the director he is responsible for the risk assessment programme for the club’s membership worldwide. He is further responsible for the club’s loss prevention initiatives, publications and technical advice to the membership, as well as to the underwriting and claims departments. In 2021, Yves was closely involved in setting up the club’s internal working group on alternative fuels including the external advisory panel of industry experts assisting the club in preparing for the fourth propulsion revolution. Yves regularly speaks at shipping industry events across the world on behalf of The Standard Club. He uses his vast personal experience to explain serious issues in a way that is interesting and relevant to the audience. He uses anecdotes and lessons learnt from his sailing career to illustrate best practice guidelines, making him a welcome fixture at many speaking engagements. In line with his beliefs of giving back to the industry, Yves is currently closely engaged in maritime discourse topics such as seafarer wellbeing (physical, mental, and social), misdeclared container cargoes, vehicle car carrier fires and navigation related incidents. Yves is a Fellow of the Nautical Institute and became the Hon President of the Nautical Institute Singapore branch in 2020. In this capacity, Yves works closely with the local maritime industry for the improvement of seafarer standards, safety and wellbeing.




MacGregor is a family of innovators. By offering engineering solutions and services for handling marine cargoes and offshore loads we make the sea more accessible, safe and reliable for those whose livelihood depends on the changing conditions of the sea. To enable that we have a variety of strong product brands and committed experts with a passion for solving challenges – and the power of the sea is sure to provide those.




SQE Marine is a leading provider of Safety, Quality and Environmental Solutions providing Consulting, Training and Information products in these areas. We have been successfully providing a product and service range to more than 1,200 clients (based in 75+ countries) over the last 20 years, operating a DNVGL Certified Training Center and a LR ISO 9001 certified management system. Strong enough to provide immediate response and feedback to all client queries and needs, we provide a range of competitively priced services and timeliness for product / service delivery; we provide foolproof products and services to ensure full after sales support for as long as necessary. Last but not least, technical competence is the core of our management system & operations. Our vision is to be a leading world class corporation that provides reliable maritime solutions in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental, Crisis, Security, and Risk Management. Our mission, therefore, is to provide real life, effective and efficient maritime solutions range including Consulting, Training and Information provision in order to maximize client benefit and minimize risk.





American Club

American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc. (the American Club) was established in New York in 1917. It is the only mutual Protection and Indemnity Club domiciled in the United States – indeed, in the entire Americas. The Club is a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs, a collective of thirteen mutuals which together provide Protection and Indemnity insurance for some 90% of all world shipping. Protection and Indemnity insurance (commonly referred to as “P&I”) provides cover to shipowners and charterers against third-party liabilities encountered in their commercial operations. Responsibility for damage to cargo, for pollution, for the death, injury or illness of passengers or crew and for damage to docks and other installations are examples of typical exposures. Running in parallel with a ship’s hull and machinery cover, traditional P&I such as that offered by the American Club distinguishes itself from ordinary forms of marine insurance by being based on the not-for-profit principle of mutuality where Members of the Club are both the insurers and the assureds.




Arcadia Shipmanagement Co. LTD was established in Athens in 1998 with a clear strategic goal – “the safe transportation of cargoes worldwide with respect to the environment”. Initially the Company assumed the management of two different types of vessels (dry and wet) but at a later stage ARCADIA, realizing the increased demands and responsibilities of the current times, focused its activities on tanker management. Following the Company’s establishment in 1998, an ambitious investment program began with the construction of high specification aframax and suezmax tankers, in South Korean Yards, on behalf of Companies that had entrusted the management of their vessels to ARCADIA.



Blue Planet Shipping Ltd

Blue Planet Shipping Ltd (BPS) was established and based at Piraeus since 1996, to manage 8 Dry Bulk Carriers. In 1998, BPS split into two separate companies. BPS retained its root name and Third Millenium Shipping Ltd (TMS) was set up to manage vessels for different owners. BPS managed 7 out of the 8 vessels; (AKMI – ARIS – EVMAR – COSMAR – ALMAVITA – AFROS & ALKIMOS) and the management of the ASTROMAR was undertaken by TMS. In 2002, clients of the company placed an order for 6 New Building Supramax vessels in China, of which 5 were delivered in 2003 and 1 in 2004. The new vessels (APOLLON – APEX – AKMI – EVNIA – NICOLAOS A and AVRA) were registered under Cyprus and Greek Flags. With the company by then managing a total of 14 vessels, it began recruiting different nationalities to man the ships, focusing mainly on Greek, Ukrainian, Burmese and Moroccan crews.



Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp.

Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp. (‘Capital-Executive’) currently operates a fleet of 40 vessels including 36 container carriers and 4 modern bulk carriers with a total dwt of 2,915,834 tons and total teu of 180,363 approx. The fleet under management includes vessels of Nasdaq-listed Capital Product Partners L.P. The Capital-Executive team has extensive experience in managing various vessel types and sizes. The Company offers comprehensive services in every aspect of ship management including: safety and technical management, claims & insurance, bunkering, risk assessment, newbuilding design and supervision, IT services, accounting, financial management and other administrative functions, as well as in-house human resources management, such as crewing and personnel training with state-of-the-art technology.



Capital Gas Ship Management Corp.

Capital Gas Ship Management Corp. (“Capital Gas”) is a ship management service provider, currently operating a fleet of 14 modern LNG Carriers with a total carrying capacity of approximately 2.44 million cubic meters and a total dwt of 1.14 Tons. Our Team consists of highly skilled personnel with extensive experience in the LNG Sector from initial design and newbuilding supervision to LNGCs operations and technical management. Capital Gas Ship Management is a member of SIGTTO and SGMF.



Capital Shipmanagement

Capital Ship Management Corp. (‘Capital’) is a distinguished oceangoing vessel operator, offering comprehensive services in every aspect of ship management, currently operating a fleet of 39 tankers (12 VLCCs, 15 Aframaxes, 11 MR/Handy product tankers and 1 small tanker) with a total dwt of 5.95 million tons approx. Capital has extensive experience in managing various vessel types and sizes including all tanker segments (VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax/LR2, Panamax/LR1, MR/Handy and small tankers), dry bulk segments (Cape, Panamax, Handymax and Handy), as well as OBOs and containers. The excellent performance of Capital Ship Management has been recognized by oil major companies and major traders in the industry. It is one of a few ship management companies to have successfully completed the comprehensive office assessment process of numerous major oil companies and has also established long standing relationships with major traders, liners and operators. The Company offers comprehensive services in every aspect of ship management including: safety and technical management, claims & insurance, bunkering, vetting preparation and attendance, risk assessment, newbuilding design and supervision, IT services, accounting, financial management and other administrative functions, as well as in-house human resources management, such as crewing and personnel training with state-of-the-art technology.



Columbia Ship Management

With over 40 years of tradition, commitment and professionalism, Columbia has established its position as a world-class ship manager and maritime service provider. Since our founding in Cyprus, we have developed a global reputation by continuously exceeding our clients´ expectations when providing the highest quality and professional management services. Our success is based on the tremendous added-value granted to our clients by leveraging a strong global network and the will of being a leading force in the maritime industry.




Diaplous has built a world-wide reputation as one of the most compliant, widely approved and certified PMSCs in the world. With a security force of over 700, Diaplous is active in all high-risk areas: the Indian Ocean, the West African seas and other piracy areas. Meanwhile, we maintain a presence in regions that are valuable for business entrepreneurship, but still under political or social unrest. The skills of our operatives are not the sole driving force behind our security services: we have a deep site-specific knowledge on each region, as well as local contacts (agents, armories and government officials) that can deliver upon any situation.




We are the independent expert in assurance and risk management. Driven by our purpose, to safeguard life, property and the environment, we empower our customers and their stakeholders with facts and reliable insights so that critical decisions can be made with confidence. As a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful organizations, we use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations. We are the world’s leading classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. We deliver world-renowned testing, certification and technical advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables, oil and gas, and energy management. We are one of the world’s leading certification bodies, helping businesses assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains.  We are also a world-leading provider of digital solutions for managing risk and improving safety and asset performance for ships, pipelines, processing plants, offshore structures, electric grids, smart cities and more. Our open industry assurance platform Veracity, cyber security and software solutions support business-critical activities across many industries, including maritime, energy and healthcare.



Dorian LPG

Dorian LPG is a pure-play LPG shipping company and a leading owner and operator of modern VLGCs. Dorian LPG currently has four modern VLGCs and one pressurized LPG vessel on the water. Dorian LPG has 18 ECO VLGC newbuildings due for delivery in 2014, 2015 and 2016 from HHI and Daewoo Shipping and Marine Engineering Ltd., including the 13 that it acquired from Scorpio Tankers. Dorian LPG has offices in Connecticut, London, and Piraeus.Dorian LPG is incorporated in the Republic of The Marshall Islands.



Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Limited (EASTMED)

EASTMED is a ships management company with head offices in Glyfada (Athens), Greece. Presently the company has under management 78 vessels, employs 200 shore based personnel and a further 3000 seagoing staff. The fleet comprises of 29 tankers, 39 dry bulk carriers and 10 container ships, adding up to a total DWT capacity of 7.2 million tons. Principally both the tankers and the dry cargo vessels are employed on the spot market and occasionally will enter into short period charter agreements on a number of ships of the fleet.

The following overseas companies are employed as exclusive agents of EASTMED:

·       Intermar Chartering (UK) Ltd. in London, U.K.: Covers the London chartering market.

·       Eastern Mediterranean Manning Agency in Manila, Philippines: Directly selects, trains, and employs Filipino Masters, Officers, and Crew exclusively for the vessels under EASTMED’s management.

EASTMED was granted by Lloyd’s the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification in December 2010 and is in the process of being certified with ISO 50001 within 2016. EASTMED is presently a member of BIMCO, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO, thus joining forces for improved standards in the industry. EASTMED voluntarily participates to AMVER reporting system, operated by the US Coast Guard for promoting safety of life and property at sea. Managed vessels are honored with AMVER awards on an annual basis.




Euronav is an independent tanker company engaged in the ocean transportation and storage of crude oil. The Company is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, and has offices throughout Europe and Asia. Euronav is listed on Euronext Brussels and on the NYSE under the symbol EURN. Euronav employs its fleet both on the spot and period market. Sustainability is a core value at Euronav as it ensures the long-term health and success of our people, our business, and the environment we work in. It involves a commitment to safety and environmental practices, as well as an innovative approach to the use of technology and information.



Green Jakobsen

Green-Jakobsen A/S is a maritime consultancy offering ship owners, operators, ship management companies and maritime entities a unique combination of skillsets that encompasses all aspects of managing the human factor in shipping. Our approach is to analyse, diagnose and then improve the safety mindset, leadership and human resource performance of people on shore and at sea. Our combined decades of experience with proven, custom-made programs is the foundation of our work. By balancing industry knowhow with out-of-box thinking, we transform strategy into daily work by using tangible tools which we implement alongside our customers on board and in the office. We are a group of people who combine our academic, seafaring and business experience and we are based in Copenhagen, Manila, Athens and Mumbai, with some 30 employees in total.

Our areas of expertise are:

· Maritime safety performance – reducing LTIF, providing strong tools and methods to support the safety initiatives and focus on behaviour and actions

· Maritime leadership – training leaders to fulfil the performance driving role, providing knowledge and tools to act as competent leaders on board and ashore

· HR performance and management – linking the management and development of people and their competencies with leadership skills and safety performance

· Soft skills courses – offering a wide range of subjects for company specific courses and seminars

· Measure and develop safety performance – strengthening a proactive safety culture in an ongoing cycle in a plug-and-play solution including on board training and development




Latsco Marine Management Inc.

Latsco Marine Management Inc. a subsidiary company of Latsco Shipping Ltd., has been established 1st January 2019 and is currently located at Kifisia. Latsco’s history begins over half a century ago as part of Latsis Companies’ Group. Latsco provides operational, technical, financial and ship building services, focusing on fundamental principles of quality, integrity, safety, health, environmental protection and energy efficiency, with established programmes for performance excellence, profitability and growth of management of clean energy transportation vessels. Latsco pursues all entrepreneurial ventures with ethics, integrity, consistency to incident-free operations and ultimate aspiration of providing excellent services through long-lasting customer relationships. Currently, LMM Inc. manages a fleet of 27 vessels (MRs, LR2, VLGCs), while another 2 vessels shall be delivered up to 2020.




NorthStandard offers an unmatched breadth and depth of service that supports your operations, embraces your potential, and helps your business thrive. Our product range is the largest in the International Group, providing over 10 bespoke options for almost every eventuality –- from P&I insurance to FD&D, Hull, War, Offshore, Strike & Delay, and more.  For those members forging new paths, our underwriters will work with you to extend cover or find bespoke solutions – wherever possible – to protect your crew, your vessel and your business. Our footprint spans the world, with offices covering all main shipping regions, including Asia (China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan), Australasia (Australia and New Zealand), Europe (UK, Ireland and Greece), and the USA.  We employ over 700 people globally for an unrivalled claims and underwriting experience, honed by decades of combined expertise and understanding.  With a reach that spans time zones, our team of more than 100 claims managers provide real-time, responsive and proactive claims support 24/7, 365 days a year – backed by the largest team of in-house legal experts, and the local knowledge of our comprehensive broker network. As an advocate for change, we give our members a powerful voice. By championing our mutual causes, pushing boundaries, and influencing thinking, we can help guide the industry’s future direction of travel. We insure approximately 350 million gross tonnage worldwide across all sectors – more than any other P&I club – and have a financial strength and resilience rated A by Standard & Poor’s. NorthStandard – taking on tomorrow, together.’



OSM Thome

OSM Thome is the world’s leading Ship Technical Management, Crew Management, and other related Marine Services providing company. As the leading provider of technical and management services to the offshore and maritime industry, we work closely with our customers, and partners, to ensure their success 24/7. The reason we deliver outstanding services is first and foremost down to our people. Both onshore and offshore, OSM Thome has always been driven by a strong team spirit, and a united drive to deliver superior performance. At OSM Thome, we care about employees, and it shows in their performance.




RISK4SEA is an online platform to provide PSC performance transparency to the market by analysing PSC Data providing KPI, Demographics, Detentions Analytics, reports, Benchmarks and Insights for 23 fleet segments in an advanced analysis of the last 5 years to assist stakeholders to:

-PREPARE for forthcoming PSC inspections
-ANALYSE PSC performance to identify strengths & weaknesses
-BENCHMARK fleets against competition and the industry




SEAFiT, powered by SAFETY4SEA, is a pioneering mental health program providing comprehensive guidance and a holistic approach to maritime stakeholders to evaluate the mental health state of both their shore and sea staff and raise awareness over wellbeing issues.



Steamship Mutual

Steamship Mutual’s aim is to provide a comprehensive high quality P&I service backed by sound underwriting and strong reserves. The Managers, led by Stephen Martin, are determined to ensure that these objectives continue to be met. Steamship Mutual is one of the largest and most diverse P&I Clubs in the world, and a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs participating in the International Group Pool. Our Members remain the centre of our business and we strive to offer them the best advice and support wherever they are around the world. We firmly believe the service we provide our Members will help define our future success.



 UK Club

The UK P&I Club is one of the oldest P&I clubs in the world. It provides Protection and Indemnity insurance in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising from owning ships or operating ships as principals. One of the largest mutual marine protection and indemnity organisations it insures over 200 million tonnes of owned and chartered ships from more than fifty countries across the globe.



V. Group

V.Group provides a full range of ship management and marine support services to ship owners and operators around the globe, as well as the ability to blend those services together in unique combinations to meet specific customer needs. Guided by our values, we aim to deliver excellence in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority. To help us achieve that, our group of companies and brands work interdependently, operating across different sectors, allowing us to become a comprehensive supplier of maritime and offshore services around the world. With over 35 years’ experience in managing vessels in the shipping, cruise, energy, and defence sectors, we’re committed to delivering safe and compliant operations. Helping customers with specific needs and putting them at the heart of our business. We’re also dedicated to working towards a maritime industry free of corruption, as an active member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN). V.Group has access to an international network of over 44,000 seafarers, covering all areas of ship management and crewing. With those colleagues all supported by an onshore team of over 3,000 across 30 countries, we’re dedicated to investing in our people, our technology, and our systems, to ensure we deliver the highest quality service to our customers.



2023 CAREER4SEA Virtual Forum focuses on the changing face of the maritime industry

The 2023 CAREER4SEA Forum took place virtually on December 13th, highlighting that the maritime industry has a new face to show; it is open to embrace young people, becoming day by day more diverse, equal and inclusive.

Whether pursuing roles at sea or onshore, professionals from diverse backgrounds can find a place within the maritime sector. The forum consisted of four panels which focused on a wide variety of issues that the maritime industry is now facing and how to improve the perception of shipping among the public and younger generations. More specifically, within the day, esteemed maritime experts engaged in enlightening panel discussions, emphasizing on all key issues that are crucial to reframe shipping as an attractive industry and a wise career option.

The event was organized by SAFETY4SEA having as lead sponsors the following organizations: MacGregor and SQEMARINE. Other sponsors were: The American P&I Club, Arcadia Ship Management, Blue Planet Shipping Ltd, Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp., Capital Gas Ship Management Corp., Capital Shipmanagement, Columbia Ship Management, Diaplous, DNV, Dorian LPG, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Limited (EASTMED), EURONAV, Green Jakobsen, Latsco Marine Management Inc., NorthStandard, OSM Thome, RISK4SEA, SEAFiT, Steamship Mutual, UK P&I Club, V.Group.

We certainly witness day by day good things taking place and above all a nice spirit of collaboration and innovation. Let’s keep all the positive messages and remember that we navigate through challenging but so exciting times in the shipping industry.

…said Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA, in an opening statement.

Session #1 – Shipping Past, Present, Future

The first panel of the event, moderated by Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA, discussed the primary challenges and priorities within the industry, emphasizing that while decarbonization is a crucial concern, it shouldn’t overshadow other important issues on the agenda. The following experts participated: Panagiotis Kourkoumelis, Training and Development Manager, Kyklades Maritime Corporation; Ross Millar, Loss Prevention Associate, Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited; Lennart Ripke, Director Sales, Green Jakobsen and; Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Head of Loss Prevention Asia-Pacific, NorthStandard

Session #2 – The Perfect Applicant

Experts of this panel, moderated by Anastasia Kypriotaki, News Editor, SAFETY4SEA, explained the fascinating career opportunities that the maritime industry offers across its multiple sectors and highlighted that maritime professionals need to invest more in soft skills and skills development. The following stakeholders participated: Capt. Christos Gianneios, Crew Manager, Niovis Shipping Co. S.A.; Ben Darnton, Director, Halcyon Recruitment; Panagiotis Konstantopoulos, Deputy Crew Manager, Maran Tankers Management Inc; Amalia Marcou, Crew Director & HR Manager, Enesel Dry SA and; Katerina Tzimogianni, Human Resources Business Partner, V. Ships Greece Ltd

Session #3 – Life onboard

Under the moderation of Katerina Tsiakaraki, News Editor at SAFETY4SEA, the third panel engaged in conversations with seafarers/captains. These individuals shared firsthand experiences of challenges faced at sea, encouraging the younger generation to consider pursuing a career at sea. The following seafarers participated: Christian Rey Dela Cruz, Third Assistant Engineer, NYK Line; Capt. Athanasios Glavas, Master (LNG Industry), Maran Gas Maritime Inc; Danica Mae Madela, 2nd Officer; Capt. Anastasios Mavrogenis, Master, Latsco Marine Management Inc.and; Capt. Thilanka Sirimanna, USV Pilot/ Master, XOCEAN Ltd.

Session #4 – Shipping industry as an attractive working environment

The last panel was moderated by Sandra Psychogiou, Editor In Chief, SAFETY4SEA, and included the following experts: Antigoni Botsi, Regional HR Manager GR and CY, V. Ships Greece Ltd.; Chris Hall, MD Hong Kong, American Club; Capt. Konstantinos G. Karavasilis, Regional Director, Loss Prevention, UK P&I Club and; Capt. VS Parani, Vice President – Marine, Tufton Asset Management who deliberated on the advantages of psychological safety and mentorship within the maritime industry, underscoring the importance of increasing awareness and promoting initiatives related to mental health and well-being.


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